Thursday, August 28, 2008

Borrowed Tissue paper rainbow craft

I totally borrowed this idea from another blogger-snapshots but love it so! I plan on trying to do this over the weekend.

Here's what you'll need:
a variety of tissue papers (recycled are great!) crepe paper will work, too
pencil (unsharpened is best) with an eraser
school glue
white paper with a design drawn on (or printed from the computer)
markers or crayons

1. Start with your white paper that has an image on it. Simpler is better, especially for younger kids. You can free-hand draw something, have them draw something bold, or print an image from your computer ahead of time.

2. Have them use the markers or crayons to color in the colors they want the end project to look like. Does not need to be perfect in any way, it will all get covered up!

3. Get the tissue paper squares ready (parent or older child can do this). Cut the tissue into squares roughly 1 1/2 inches or so. Again, can be very imperfect! Pour some school glue onto a tray or plate. Get your pencil ready...

4. Have your child take one piece of tissue, and show them how to center (approximately!) the eraser onto it.

5. Wrap the tissue up around the pencil

6. Dip!

7. Hold onto the edges of the tissue, and press the glue tipped end onto the paper, matching up the color from your picture. Slide the pencil out.

8. Keep going

10. Soon enough, they'll have their own masterpeice! Have fun with this!

Seeing pics of the project being put together is HIGHLY recommended. This idea originally comes from