Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun crafts to do with toddlers and tissue paper

Whenever I get presents I always have a great deal of tissue paper and do not want to throw it out. What to do with it? Here are some crafts you can use it for.

1. Draw a pattern of a butterfly. Tear tissue paper into 2 inch squares. Dip in glue and fill the pattern. You can find patterns at

2. Flowers: Take eight 3" squares of tissue paper and fold as you would a paper fan. Stack the folded paper and wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around the middle. Turn each piece of tissue paper a half-turn to create the flower petal.

3. Sun CatchersApply torn pieces of tissue paper to a clear plastic lid with diluted white glue. Let dry. Punch a hole in the lid and tie a ribbon through it.

4.Tin Foil DesignsTear up tissue paper. Apply a layer of glue and water mixture on a piece of tinfoil. Arrange the tissue on top, then spread with another layer of the glue mixture. Add as many layers as you like, then let dry.

5. Tie-Dyed FishCut white paper into fish pattern. Place small squares of tissue paper on the fish pattern. Take a squirt bottle filled with water and carefully squirt the water onto the tissue paper. When the water dries peel off the tissue paper and you have a tie-dyed fish.

6. Window DecorationsSmear petroleum jelly on your window. Apply tissue paper in a pattern, picture, etc. Change picture as often as you want. Washes completely off with warm soapy water.

7. Jewelry BoxApply several layers of small torn pieces of colored tissue paper to an Altoid mint box using a gloss decoupage solution. Finish off with a final layer of glaze and sprinkle on some glitter.

8. Stained Glass PicturesPhotocopy coloring book pages for children to glue on pieces of colored tissue paper. Hang it in the window for a stained glass effect.

9.Tissue Paper WreathCut the center out of a paper plate. Cut tissue paper into 4" squares. Place the eraser end of a pencil in the center of a piece of the tissue paper and pull it up around the pencil. Dip the pencil with the tissue on it in white glue. Then place it on the paper plate. Hold it there for several seconds until it sets. Continue this way until you fill the paper plate ring. Try putting several layers of tissue inside each other gluing one layer at a time to make a fuller flower. Add some green tissue leaves, glitter, ribbons, or roll the tissue into a ball to make berries.

10.Vases: Decorate old bottles or jars by adding small pieces of torn tissue paper applied with watered down white glue. You can give the tissue depth by applying several layers of tissue or crumpling the tissue before you apply it.

11.Decoupage Votive HolderTear assorted color tissue in small pieces and randomly glue them onto a glass votive holder with a mixture of white school glue and warm water. Be sure the colors overlap a little so you won't see glass painted with glue. When you are done, paint over the whole thing with a light coating of the mixture, and sprinkle with glitter.

12. PaperweightsDecoupage smooth round stones with tissue paper to make really awesome paper weights. There are some really unique designed papers that can make more meaningful paperweights for like mother's or father's day.

13. Decorated CandlesTear many colors of tissue paper into small pieces. Cover the outside of a white candle with school glue and apply pieces of tissue. It looks like stained glass and doesn't effect the way the candle burns.

14. Paper Mache"Tear into strips. Dip into liquid starch and apply over a plate or balloon. Let dry. Remove and decorate