Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Language station

This area has ideas for introducing letter symbols to students in different multi-sensory ways. Introduce letters in different sequences, just insert the letter(s) that is (are) being introduced and change out the letter(s) as needed. Below are examples of how daily tray tasks may be set up in language/literacy centers.

Can you find the letter?
Bowl of foam letters and a work mat that is labeled, “Can you find letter A?”

Sand Letters
Small, shallow container of sand and stencil. Student traces letter in sand. Stencil is removed and student tries to write letter in the sand.

Letter rubbings
Half sheet of paper, crayons ,and commercial letter rubbing plate.

Playdough letters
Playdough and a work mat with capital and lowercase letter on it. Have student use play- dough to construct the letter.

Letter jars
This jar has the letter on the outside and pictures in the jar of items that begin with the letter.

Dot letters
Half sheet of paper and dot markers for student to make the letter.

Letter puzzles
Commercial puzzle that has letter, picture, and spellings of items that begin with the letter

Gel or white board
Gel board or marker board and picture card. Student experiments with writing the letter.

Letter game
Commercial letter game where children match letter to letter.


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