Monday, August 25, 2008

Social Skills Software

There is a software program out there that helps to teach social skills to children, beginning at age 3. The website explains that it teaches "basic manners and behaviors such as greetings, interrupting, listening, waiting and apologizing through real-life social situations like a day at the park, in preschool or going to a play date. Just by regular use of this fun software tool, children aged 3-7 can rapidly improve a full spectrum of friendship skills and play skills, including taking turns, sharing, requesting, cooperating and following directions.Unlike passive videos, this software allows your preschooler to visually see the social interactions re-enacted by children and then choose what should be said or done next. In this fun, familiar, but safe environment, preschoolers can become increasingly aware of social expectations and more successfully interact with their peers". Sounds like a great program until you consider the price-$70.00! However, if a child is struggling in this area I suppose it sounds like a good idea. To check it out a little more see