Sunday, August 24, 2008

This activity comes from; Basicaly you Put the board and cards in a container. Take out one board and the matching cards. Take one card and place it above the object that is the same size on the strip board. Do the lesson slowly and deliberately. A more difficult way to do this is to match the tiles directly onto the strip board. Lastly, your child can sort and grade just the cards in order from either largest to smallest or smallest to largest.
Introduce concepts such as next smallest or next largest. For example, ask, "Which is the next smallest?" until you reach the smallest object
Size Board 1
Size Cards 1
Size Boards 2
Size Cards 2
There are also some great matching activities at;

This is an activity that can easily be done with a 2 year old and we do some kind of different matching activity everyday. The first one I ever did was to simply cut out a large foam circle, square, and triangle. Then I cut out little shapes. My daughter would simply place the little shapes on the larger shapes.

We also have many artist cards that she matches. I plan to take a picture of these soon.

At Walmart they had these foam stickers of different sport balls. She often sorts them into the different piles. I like them because the volleyball and baseball look similiar so she really has to look.

Sorting and matching are really fun activities.