Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Crafts

Today, I put out my halloween decorations and it got my creative juices flowing and I did a little research online regarding fun halloween crafts for toddlers. If you like these, check back as I'll be adding more.

1. Make a jack-o-lantern shirt: See Family Fun link at; It sounds really simple and easy. Basically you get yourself a white tee shirt and then gather up 1-2 inches all over the shirt and tighly wrap the sections with rubber bands. Then dye the shirt orange following the dye box. Dry the shirt, then with a permanent black markder draw in jack o lanterns. 2. Bat 0'Lanterns; Basically snip some half circles from white foam to make the eyes and hole punch the half circle to make the pupils. Glue the eyes onto mini pumpkins. Cut some ears and wings from black foam. Attach ears and wings using a toothpick. Oh and paint the pumpkins! This idea also comes from Family Fun.

3. Toddlers are much too little to be cutting on pumpkins so I like the idea of pasting face parts from magazines onto pumpkins. They can actually decorate their own! We will for sure do this.

4. This skeleton is a little more complicated but the instructions are here Another great Family Fun idea.
5. Simply take a white pillowcase and glue on some felt halloween cut outs. Super easy!
6. This is so neat and easy! Just draw a ghost face on some milkjugs. Cut a small hole in the back. String in some lights between the ghosts.


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Super Fun Mama said...

Oh well thanks so much! This is from last year when my blog was just a baby. I appreciate the comment very much.