Sunday, September 7, 2008

Introducing A New Feature to Begin Next Week!

I wanted to let my readers know about a new feature to begin next week. I'm going to start adding reviews of products. Up until now, I've reviewed other sites and activites. I know that some of my readers have educational products and toys that they make and sell. I would like to give you an opportunity for reviews. For a full review, I'll need to have on hand a sample of the product. I don't believe in reviewing something I know nothing about-haven't felt, tried, seen, and ect. It is unnecessary to send a full set-I merely need some idea of the product. For example, if you sell a set of something, one is sufficient. If you aren't in a position of being able to send a product, I can give a snippet of your company but please keep in mind I can't do a full review. My main interest is items of educational value-Montessori, Waldorf, Doman, creativity, and ect. Also, beginning this coming Friday, I'll be adding the feature of "Fancy Friday". I have great respect for seamstresses and prefer giving them my money over Walmart. I shall start featuring clothing as well. I don't see that this will take away from activity and learning blogs but if it starts to change what you love about the blog-please let me know! By for now!