Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Walk the Line

Montessori Mom reminded me of the walk the line concept. I've not really tried it with Zhana yet but I think I'll try this week.

Walking on the Line
- The Red Line- A hand-held Flag- A Bell on a string- A Small Glass of Water filled to the rim- A Basket
It is to help practice body movement and is a practical life exercise. The width of the line is supposed to be wider than the shoe of a child. Would duck tape work? Hopefully, because that is what I'm going to try. First, they'll just walk the line. Then, they'll walk to music heel to toe. Next, you work up to their carrying a hand flag/bell, a glass of water, then carrying two objects, and finally with something on their head. I worry that Zhana may be too young to do much but we'll try it!