Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekly Plan

I'm a little late, but here is my weekly Learning Plan for Zhana. I still have things to add to/adjust but at least it is partly done...

Weekly Curriculum Plan
8:00 am wake up
8:10 do Doman cards for reading and Math
8:15 am breakfast
8:30 spontaneous playtime
10: 00 craft time/Art Time
Learn to draw a straight line
11:00 yoga for children
Staff Pose: This pose seems simple--in fact, it's very challenging, and will strengthenyour legs, back and coremuscles, and is excellent for improving posture. Sit with your legs straight out in front of you, toes pointing up to the sky. Make those legs strong! Your heels might even lift off the floor. Pull your belly in and sit up really tall--put your hands down beside you or behind you to help. If it's very hard to sit up straight, sit on the edge of a folded blanket. Take a few breaths in and out, relax for a minute, and then try it again.
Cobblers Pose/Butterfly Pose: begin in Staff Pose; inhale and lengthen through the spine, grounding your sitting bones into the ground; exhale and bend your knees, bring your heels into your pelvis (as close as is comfortable for you); inhale and grasp the big toe of each foot, keeping the outer edges of the feet touching; bring your pelvis slightly forward to ensure proper pelvic alignment and engage your lower abdominals; exhale and lift the chest, lengthening again through the spine; do not put any pressure on your knees, ground the tops of your thigh bones into the ground; breathe here for a few breaths, release the feet, straighten the legs back into Staff Pose
11:30 do Doman cards for reading and Math
12:00 lunch time
12:30 outside playtime
1:30 naptime/reading time
3:00 Lesson on listen and do
3:30 pm Music time-Montessori Bells, dance, sing….
Link to Montessori Bells online
Link to Tuning Fork online:

4:00 pm Work on Schichida Practices
4:30 pm do Montessori stuff
8:00 pm write new sentence

Practical Life: Motor Skills:
Window cleaning Pin the tail on the donkey
Dusting coloring inside the lines
Open/Close box
Walking the line

Breathing training: There are a lot of neat ways to do this and little projects to make but I just have her blow bubbles.
Flash Memory: Show your child a series of 5 flashcards.Give them 6 flashcards and ask them to point the odd one out
Sing a song/Tell a story: Sing at normal speed .Sing at half the speed (to help them remember)
Memory- Which picture did we see?:Show a picture for 30 seconds.Show the child two similar pictures and ask them to pick, which picture did we see.

Work on 9 new whole words in reading (Glenn Doman method)
This week we are going to work on words having to do with potty training: Potty Chair, Toilet Paper, Toilet, clean, dirty, wash, hands, water, soap; As a word is retired, I’m going to add words from “Goodnight moon”.
We do this 3 times a day-before breakfast, lunch, dinner
We do both printed and use Brill baby flashcards for this depending on her mood.
Glenn Doman math
Each week I have been trying to make a homemade color book. This week, I’ll work on the color green. Also coloring pages using green such as
I’m going to start using something I read about on the “Reading with Hannah” blog (see right for a link to the blog). Each night write a new sentence on a dry erase board. Also write the phonics words being worked on. Then put it in the homemade notebook. I will probably use sentences from goodnight moon.
The letter of the week is D-letter D printables from
The number of the week is 4


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great schedule. I wish I was that disciplined!

Professional Mommy said...

Yes, me too (lol)! I have it as my schedule but it never ends up going that way. Especially the wake up and breakfast time. I'm so slow to get going in the mornings. Also, I don't spend as much time as I plan to on activities. I go to quickly through them. I would like mornings to be like a preschool but it just doesn't work. I am really proud that she does sit, focus, and do the yoga. When I wrote that down I was like "Yha right, she's not going to do this". But she does and seems to like it! However, some type of schedule keeps me a little on track so I have to do it. I'm such a list maker!

teachingtinytots said...

wow your busy! what is the doman cards?? and method?? i've never heard of it

Professional Mommy said...

I think next week I'll do a post about these two methods because I realize I haven't really explained them for moms who don't know.

Basically, it comes from the idea that the younger your child is, the easier it is to teach them. The basic idea is that you show flashcards to your child three times a day, usually for less than a minute each time. In addition to Doman method, I also use Dr. Titzer’s method. Zhana can read some words. We have never been as consistent as the babies who are reading whole books at 11 months of age though...Still my daughter likes it and that was the main thing for me. I think I got into it because as a baby I wanted to have fun and interact with her and she LOVED the flashcards. I definitely know its helped her vocabulary. The Doman Method math program is basically teaching your child their numbers and math through dots rather than numberals. In other words they can see a picture of 50 dots and know there are 50 dots. The Doman method also has Encyclopedia Bits which we do as well. There is a lot more to it than this...and I'll try to answer that next week.

The Schi. Method is something I'm not as familiar with but still try to use. In Asian countries it is quite popular. It is basically right brain learning.

If you've ever heard of Tweedlewink videos they are based on a combination of Glenn Doman method and Schi. Method.

Does any of that make sense? If you go to my links, Doman and Schi should have their own links with some more info!

Thank you for stopping by. Oh and we are so not disciplined! I try to be but never stick to them, lol.