Saturday, October 25, 2008

10 Facts about Me

Homeschool Memoirs is having blog owners list 10 facts about themselves. I hardly ever blog about personal stuff and thought it might be interesting to tell you all a little about me.

  1. I’m the happiest when it rains. I’d choose a rainy day over a sunny day almost all of the time.
  2. I used to write novels when I was a little girl. Actually I wrote fiction nearly every day until a few years ago.
  3. My fingernails grow really fast and most people have never seen me without long nails. Except it is strange-my thumb nails grow REALLY slow.
  4. I’m a very shy person at first. Once people get to know me I’m not shy at all. I think people sometimes think I’m snobby at first but actually I’m just really self conscious.
  5. I’d love to have a full house of children but worry about having several c sections and I can't do vaginal births.
  6. I’m a little OCD about cleaning. I actually have a binder and have kept track of when I did certain things in the past like (cleaned ceiling fan 10/24/2008. Due again 12/20/2008).
  7. I have a masters degree in clinical psychology and am done with my doctorate except for finishing up my dissertation.
  8. I gained 100 pounds when I was pregnant. I’ve been pregnant 3 times (other 2 miscarried) and gain almost all of my weight in the 1st trimester. I am almost immediately in maternity clothes, swollen feet, and looking pregnant.
  9. I have hard pregnancies-feet swell so much I can’t wear shoes, huge weight gain, non stop morning sickness, PUPPS (Pregnancy hives), on bedrest due to weird uterus…
  10. I know it seems weird but call it intuition or something I almost knew exactly what my daughter’s personality would be like and what she’d look like. She looks and acts exactly like I said she would. Even my family has had to agree about this. When she was born and I looked at her it was like I’d already known her for years.


Shu Yan said...

Why not move to Seattle, you will get all the happiest days in winter time here.

Hippie Family... said...

What a cute blog.. Stopped by from BATW checking in on who's in MO with us :D