Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dixie Stampede: A Wonderful Christmas Celebration Attraction

Dolly’s Christmas At Dixie Stampede

The Dixie Stampede, located in Branson Missouri is a wonderful place to take your family. It it unlike any attraction I’ve ever experienced.

The fun began on the way in, walking by the horses. My little girl loves horses and enjoyed being up close and personal to them. I liked that you didn't have to go out of your way to see the horses but would see them as you walked to the entrance.
In the theater, you are greated by Southern Belles who direct you where to go. They were all very sweet and seemed to be enjoying their job, which certainly makes a difference! Whenever you go to the Dixie Stampede, you go inside a hallway where they take your pictures against a green screen. Since there isn’t a background that you can see, part of the fun is waiting to see the background when they bring the pictures out to you during the show. Often, pictures in these type of places aren’t very good and are corny. I was very pleased with the quality of the pictures and ended up ordering two sets.

Make sure you arrive early for the show (about an hour early) so that you are able to watch the pre-show. During the free show, you have the option of having drinks in a souvineer boot you get to keep and eating peanuts or popcorn. They don't offer just regular old drinks but exotic non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy such as a non alcoholic Strawberry Daquiri. Our entertainment was fabulous and really started our night out grand! We had world class Guinness record sport juggler, Albert Lucas. He was extremely entertaining and I don't think you have the full Dixie Stampede experience if you miss the preshow.

The Dixie Stampede Christmas divides the audience and staff into two sides-the north pole and south pole. The two sides compete against each other in events such as chicken races, pig races, ostriche race, and horse riding competitions. I enjoyed the magic act that occurs during the show where they hide an audience member on a wagon with 3 wagons on the stampede floor and you have to guess which wagon she is on. I live 30 minutes from Branson so I've been to a lot of the shows and this is the best one I've seen. I like it because it is great for the entire family, young to older. There are hilarious moments as welll, such as watching audience members ride stick reindeer!

I will admit, I had wondered about eating in an arena of animals. I suppose I had pictured it to be like a livestock auction yard, but there was no smell whatsoever. I asked everyone in my party and no one could detected an animal smell.

Dixie Stampede offers a several course dinner in generous proportions. First, we were brought out a creamy soup and it tasted very, very good! I must not be the only person who thinks so because I noticed their soup is for sale in the gift shop. Be prepared to eat with your hands as they do not provide eating utensils, which makes it all the more fun for children and adults. Then, we were brought a rotisserie chicken and a slice of smoked BBQ pork loin. Other food provided was an potato covered in herbs, corn on the cob, and apple turnover. My favorite of the food was the pork loin. The wait staff were very good, constantly filling drinks, removing plates, and getting food out.

Each side cheers on their side, either the North or South pole and when you hear the word "stampede" everyone pounds on the ground. This was so much fun! This is hands down the best place I've ever taken a toddler to eat, no question about it! Yes, it is even better than Chucky Cheese because when I take my daughter to "child" restaurants she is more concerned with playing that eating. Here, the entertainment is down in the arena below, so her attention allowed her to both eat and have fun. Where else can a toddler eat a full course meal with their hands and it be completely acceptable? Where else can a little one yell, scream, and be loud and it actually be expected? Where else can a child pound on the table and it actually be expected? I have a VERY high spirited little girl and going out to eat is sometimes embarrassing let alone to a show but here she displayed some of her best behavior ever! She loved the show and I believe this is the BEST entertainment for toddlers!

It wasn't all loud entertainment, there was certainly beautiful moments as well. I adored the live nativity scene with the 3 wisemen riding up on camels to see baby Jesus and when an angel "flew" in the air. It was such a nice reminder of the reason for the season. It is so magical and really welcomed in the Christmas spirit when the snow fell in the arena. I loved watching the graceful ice skaters as well! Oh, and we can't forget when Santa came riding this sleigh around the arena. This is the first year my little girl understands who Santa is and this was for sure her favorite moment.

The Christmas production has a special performance by professional Adagio ice skaters, Michal (Mikki) Przyk & Katie Ulig. The skaters actually descend from the ceiling on a specially designed skating platform! When Dolly Parten, the owner, was asked about the skaters she said: "We wanted to celebrate with our families the true meaning of Christmas," says owner, Dolly Parton. "The skaters really bring the holiday season to life. I can't wait for folks to experience my Christmas show - it's going to be magical."

I attended the show with my husband, 62 year old mother, 10 year old adopted little brother, and 2 year all daughter and every one of us loved it. If you are in Branson or any of their other locations, this is one attraction you just have to check out!

A few quick facts of note-
*Children under 3 are free if they stay on their parents lap. This sounds like a hassle but because you sit boothe style it was no problem at all. Also, they are highly entertained so they don't move around too much. Do not even consider leaving them with a babysitter because they'll love this show.
*Remember the pre-show starts in the Carriage Room 50 minutes prior to the main act.
*The ticket includes admission, the fabulous four-course feast, and spectacular show. Vegetarian meals are available upon request.
*The facility is happy to help individuals with special needs such as people using wheelchairs.
*Christmas at Dixie Stampede runs October 22nd, 2008 through January 3rd, 2009.
*Dixie Stampede Dinner Attractions operate in three popular destinations: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Branson, Missouri. For general information regarding show times and ticket prices, call 1-800-520-5544 or visit


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The Dixie Stampede is really one of the great Branson attractions! I hear so much about it a lot.