Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hi after the holidays

Hello all, after a long blog break. There are a couple of reasons I've been gone. First, I lost my digital camera over Thanksgiving and my camcorder doesn't take great photos (Though I do love my Sony handycam for recording). I have ordered one and it should arrive soon and look forward to getting back to pictures galore! Second, most of this month I concentrated on Christmas activities rather than our normal learning routine. I am a bit of a Christmas addict, you see. I actually have more Christmas figurines and stuff than I have in my normal living room. Literally every room is decked out from Christmas toilet paper to a Christmas ferris wheel in the yard. I get into Christmas so much that most everything else takes a back seat. It did pay off as Zhana now has an understanding "somewhat" of Jesus, Santa, reindeer, snowmen, and everything else related. This understanding made the season so much fun for me! Anyway, I guess it was hard for me to work on the alphabet when we could be reading about Santa, lol. I kept planning to post all of our Christmas activities but didn't ever get around to it. Most weren't original and came from the genius of Ramblings of a Crazy Woman blog (seriously she has the best holiday ideas of anywhere online). The third reason is that I did so many product reviews around Christmas. I really wanted the great companies featured in time for Christmas and am happy to hear so many of the companies ended up getting sales. Anyway, in the next few days we'll be back to our regular learning fun.

Now for a couple questions maybe you all can help me with. I would love to add video to some blog posts but when I tried one time even after downloading ALL NIGHT it didn't finish downloading. Is there an easier way than downloading through blogger? Can I just add the link to the video download somewhere else?

I'd like to have my blog design done. The one I currently have was thrown together pretty quickly and would like to have a different one. Any places you recommend?

I'll continue doing the product reviews but only once a week for now.

Anyway, while I love, love, love the holidays it will be kind of nice for things to get back to normal...

Now, on to my addiction of reading other blogs. Seriously, it is an addiction.


Anonymous said...

i don;t have any suggestions i didn't like my blogspot blog and didn't want to pay for new design and wordpress had exactly what i wanted for free so i moved!

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on wanting a blog makeover. The blogger templates are great for starting out but they do get old.

Happy New Year!

And reading blogs is SEVERELY addictive; I agree.