Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Dandelion Story

A few days ago we had a dandelion theme. Today, I read a wonderful story that was recommended on another blog that I just had to post! It is originally from

Star Children Story

Father sun and mother moon had many children, and those children were the stars. Father sun was wise and kind and good. Mother moon and father sun loved their children so. When the star children were old enough they carried yellow lamps to help light the night sky with their mother moon for all those on earth to see.

One evening several stars wanted to play instead of helping their mother light up the earth. They had worked especially hard during those long cold winter nights when the people and animals were sleeping.

One winter night they forgot to twinkle and instead ran off and played in the nighttime sky. They pretended not to hear their mother calling and calling her children to help light up the nighttime sky. The star children hid behind a fluffy cloud.

Suddenly a warm Chinook wind began to blow. The wind blew with huge gusts. The trees groaned as the wind pushed their trunks and limbs. The gusty wind reached the sky and found the star children’s hiding place behind a cloud and all of a sudden those poor star children lost their balance. They tumbled far, far, far down to the earth below. They were blown right out of the nighttime sky.

When they reached the earth below, they looked up at the dark sky. Maybe the sky was darker because they no longer lived in the sky. The star children became frightened, for they were lost. They called out to their father sun and mother moon to ask for help. They wanted to come home to the sky. In the morning, father sun heard his children call. He said he was so sorry, “Once twinkling stars leave the sky, my dear children, they are not able to return”. He promised the children he would think of something.

The poor star children were so lonely; they missed their mother moon and father sun. Mother moon also missed her children but she found a way to comfort all. Every night she sang. “Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are…” The earth children must of heard this song because all the children of the earth sang with her.

Finally spring came to the earth. Wise father sun looked down at the brown spring ground. Father sun decided to bring some color to the spring earth. He beamed his golden light down to his star children and gave them into little golden flower lamps to light the earth. The children were happy to hold the little lamps and bring happiness and color to earth. These flowers became known as the dandelion flowers.

Wise father earth found a way that the little star children could visit their mother and father. After the yellow petals of the dandelion fade, littler white hairs form on the flower, which are so light they, blow all the way up to the sky to visit mother moon and father sun when a warm wind blows.