Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Crafts We Aren’t Going to Get To

I have a few more Easter crafts coming your way blog readers but tonight I thought I’d post a few Easter craft ideas that I’ve found but we aren’t going to be able to do because of  not having the supplies.  I had planned to make them but didn’t get all the supplies but thought I’d pass them on to you all.  There is always next year!

Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk;

This comes courtesy of Skip to My Lou blog

The items you’ll need are below. Want to be even more frugal? Here is a link for making homemade Plaster of Paris:

Now to make the eggs you’ll need…

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Tempera Paint
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • plastic Easter eggs
  • disposable cups
  • disposable spoons or wooden craft sticks
  • egg carton

Take your petroleum jelly and coat the inside of the eggs, which you’ll place in the egg carton. Your little tot can do the coating of the eggs and will think it is a blast. Mama, you mix ½ cup of Plaster of Paris with ½ cup water. Stir this up really well. Add in enough tempera paint to get a good color. Pour into egg half's. This will make about 1 ½ eggs. DO NOT THROW ANY EXTRA IN THE TRASH. IT WILL HARDEN. Let harden about 5 minutes and then put the 2 halves together. Hold tight, shake a little, tap on the table. Allow to harden overnight. The next day, use a knife to separate the halves. Honestly, I think most of this project will by done by mama for the little one.

Glitter Eggs:

Not too much of an explanation is needed. Cover eggs in glue and glitter.

Sweet Little Eggs in a Nest-unsure of source; This idea was in my Easter crafts file.

You need:


Eggs-real or fake

Yellow poms

Wiggle eyes

Yellow feathers

Orange foam

Collect some small twigs and sticks and arrange randomly in a bowl. Paint some real eggs or add fake ones. Make some little chicks using yellow pompoms, wiggle eyes, feather wings, and orange foam beak.

Bunny Hats-unsure of source
Here's a fun project for spring... make a bunny decoration from a straw hat.

You Need:

· 8” straw hat

· Pipe cleaners

· Wiggle eyes

· Pink and white foam or construction paper2q1

· Glue

· Bow

Cut out bunny ears. Glue to the hat brim. Glue on a bow under the ears. Glue on wiggle eyes and pom poms for nose and cheeks. Put a dab of glue on the ends of the pipe cleaner pieces and push them under the cheeks

Later today, I’ll have pics and instructions up of the Easter crafts we did today.

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