Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Few More Easter Fun Things to Do (Very Easy)/Also Free Trial to a Online Learning Game Just for Toddlers; Free Kid Music CD's

 Peek-A-Boo Egg:   Zhana and I made this little guy and I think he turned out pretty cute.  This idea came from No time For Flashcards. 

You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • paint,
  • glue
  • yellow paper,
  • a paper fastener
  • marker
  • scissors
  • a feather
  • googly eyes
Start by drawing an egg on the cardboard with a zig zag break in it. Have your tot paint the egg. Draw a chick onto the yellow paper (I just cut out a circle). Add eyes a beak and a feather. When dry, cut out the egg. The original idea used a paper fastener. I didn’t have one, so just glued the top piece to the bottom. Add your little chick!

Picture 256

A Eggstravagant hanging: This idea came from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. I can’t believe how easy this is and what a huge impact it has.  It looks a lot cuter in person than in the picture-I just love it!

You’ll Need:

Yarn or ribbon


Plastic Eggs

Simply cut out several strings of yarn. Clasp the plastic eggs onto the yarn. Hang from the ceiling.  Your tot will LOVE trying the clasp the eggs onto the yarn.  It may be a little hard for them but they’ll have fun trying.  Your kids will love the wall of eggs, almost guaranteed. 

Picture 255

Trash bag Bunny: This is a neat way to recycle your plastic bags.  This was inspired by KidsCraftsWeekly. 

 You will need
• a plastic bag with handles
• stuffing (you could use rags, polyfill, shredded paper)
• two rubber bands
• a permanent marker

Start by stuffing the bag, Tie a knot at the top and put a rubber band over the bag to make a bunny head. Then add another rubber band to make a tail. Draw on features or use googly eyes and a pomp pom for nose. 

Picture 260

Also, this isn’t a craft but I just have to tell you all about a very fun computer game Zhana has been playing.  They have a trial going on right now, so your little tots can play it too.  Here’s how the company describes the game:

“Waterford Research Institute is developing a new online product for the youngest learners and we’re inviting you to help us make it even better.”

Together, you and your 2-year-old can explore

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Nursery rhymes
  • And more!

To qualify for this free opportunity, you must be willing to use the program regularly and share your opinions about your experience. You are NOT obligated to purchase anything at the end of your six-week trial. In fact, we’ll give you six months free access to the program after the test period ends just to thank you for your time. The sign up deadline is APRIL 30.  Below you can watch a couple clips from the game. Click here to sign your little one up.  I give this game a 10/10 rating. The game is absolutely adorable with the little squirrel and the graphics are just gorgeous.  She’s already learned a lot from the game. I love that it isn’t just scholastic learning but manners and etc. as well.  If you have a little one you have just got the check this out! Zhana loves her “Squirrel Game” and asks for it everyday and I don’t feel guilty about her playing it because she is definitely learning. 

I had already published this post but right after, came across such a great deal I had to come in and edit so you would all be sure to see this as well. The site I'm getting ready to tell you about lets you download 6 full albums of children songs! No strings attached. Just go to


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