Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Activities

Above, you will see a video of Zhana using plastic Easter eggs as sound cylinders. I’ve read about this several places on the internet and we thought we’d try it today.  We didn’t do it perfect Montessori style but Zhana enjoyed it.  I used 3 green and 3 orange eggs for this activity.  One green and one orange act as a pair. Fill the eggs with items that make sound. I used rice, beans, and sugar.  The task is for your little one to listen carefully and match the sounds. 

Picture 291 Today, Zhana was playing with play doh.  Without any help at all, she told me that she’d made a bunny. Maybe its just that I’m her mama but I can see a bunny with ears! She was so proud! In fact, she asked that I take a picture of  her bunny creation. 


Picture 289 We made this hanging for Good Friday.  I let her glue on the pieces of foam, so if you can’t tell what it is-it is a cross and 2 tulips.  I have instructions for you but we did this one in a way that was easy enough for a 2 year old. 

He is Risen"
Craft Stick Hanger

You need:

  • Pattern
  • Craft sticks
  • Ten Small Tear Drop pieces of foam-6 yellow and 4 green
  • Fourteen Small Triangle pieces of foam-7 purple and 7 pink
  • 12" of Yarn or Cord
  • White, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow Paint or Paint Marker
  • Yellow Paper
  • Tacky Glue


Paint all pieces.

Craft Sticks -- White
Triangle Woodsies -- 7 Purple, 7 Pink
Teardrop Woodsies - 6 Yellow, 4 Green

Using pattern as a guide, assemble and glue painted pieces. Print "He is Risen" on a piece of yellow paper and glue in place. Tie yarn on to both sides of craft stick for hanging.


jennwa said...

I love the playdough bunny. Very cute.

The cross craftstick is cute too.

Thanks for sharing. Have a great Easter.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

I just filled your bucket at Teaching Heart Mom (go check it out!) and hope you will partcipate in the contest at Teaching Heart Mom. Thanks for all you do here!