Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nature Center: Part 2

junepics 066 Now for the real fun-the actual trails! Grab a glass of sweet tea and enjoy the woods with myself, Zhana, and Teddy.  We had a blast today and hope you will to.  We hadn’t even planned on doing anything today. I had an appointment cancelled and we made an impromptu visit to the nature center. Don’t you find that the unplanned trips are usually the most fun?

Zhana absolutely loved observing all of the squirrels in nature. Because of her Central Park game she has a real affection for these little guys.   Here is one little Mr. Bushytail we watched for quite a while.  

junepics 025

We watched this dragonfly as well…

junepics 090a

Like most kids, she is particularly drawn to moss. 

junepics 030 We walked, walked, and walked some more.

junepics 039 This was a great opportunity to discuss the difference between light and dark.

junepics 041 We didn’t build any fairy houses today but we still imagined places they would probably like to live.  We decided that they would adore living beneath this tree.  Zhana also liked this tree and decided she was going to climb it.  As you can tell by her face, she wasn’t too happy when she discovered it might be a bit too difficult for her to climb. 

junepics 045 Do you see her? Are you looking closely? There is a deer in the picture but it might take you a while to find her. It was Zhana who discovered her to my shock and delight. I was messing with something when Zhana ever so calmly said, “Look mama at the deer.”  Sure enough, she was probably about 8 feet away from us.  Before I could take a clear picture she had already went back into the woods, but she spent a long time watching us. 

junepics 058

We came across more deer during our walk but unfortunately my camera battery went dead.  I did have my cell phone with me to take some pics but the quality isn’t very good. The deer were very close to us at one point and didn’t seem to mind us at all.  We also saw 3 turkeys. IMG00033

IMG00034 Do you see the 3 turkeys?


Ah…definitely her mother’s daughter.  We both can’t resist getting off the trail a little bit.

junepics 062

Here comes the boardwalk.  The boardwalk takes you through a prairie like area, marsh, and finally to a little creek.  I like the exposure to the different environments all within a few minutes of each other.

junepics 081

junepics 088

Zhana loved, loved, loved looking at flowers. I would not be surprised if she grew up to be a florist as much joy as she gets from flowers, lol.  I was also happy to see the daisies as they are one of my favorite flowers. 

junepics 068 junepics 085 junepics 086

junepics 094 The Nature Center has several fun bridges to cross that ignites the imagination in children…

junepics 099

Yes, Zhana and teddy had quite the adventure today!

junepics 038

Here are a few more pictures of the beauty we were able to experience today…

 junepics 032

 junepics 069

junepics 073

junepics 074

junepics 101 

A few more pics thrown in for grandma.

junepics 037junepics 064

junepics 077 junepics 104

junepics 105

Thanks for enjoying our day with us. We hope you’ll come back for another visit soon. For now…it’s the end of the road for us-

junepics 107


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Okay..its official... I'm lazy. lol. I think I'm doing a good job if I take them out in our backyard...