About Super Fun Mama

Hello to all visitors of Super Fun Mama. This site is mostly a place for me to journal about the learning activities I do with my daughter. I started this blog when my daughter was two years old. She is now five. I had considered starting a different blog for her preschool days but decided to keep all of the learning together. I am much busier with work than I was when she was in preschool, so please understand there will be times when there is not a daily post. I have spent many an hour researching different curriculums and learning activities to use with my daughter. I am eclectic in my approach and do not use just one style. When she was in preschool I mostly used Montessori and prided myself in buying few items, and making most of the learning materials myself. I also throw in some Waldorf from time to time. We also do a lot of art, music, and general play activities, as well. I often do product reviews for child products. On the right hand side is a drop down area for labels, if interested in a specific topic. I love learning from other moms and get so excited about comments so I would love to hear from you even it is just a simple "hi". I can't wait to get to know and learn from you.