Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another wonderful site

I found another wonderful site at Some of the highlights include.....
Give Kids a Magical Life

  • After supper, roast marshmallows by candlelight.
  • Serve bite-sized things for supper and eat it entirely with toothpicks or those tiny swords from cocktail glasses.
  • Go outside and teach your toddler (or older!) to howl at the moon.
  • On a day where you all plan to stay home, have everybody put together the most outlandish outfit they can find and wear it all day. Pair pink striped pants with orange flowers and add sneakers and a tiara, that sort of thing. Mom too! Don't forget to take pictures.
  • Have a grumpy hat. Find a really silly hat and announce that it will be rotated onto the heads of whoever says grumpy remarks (parents too!).
  • Serve only food of one color for a day or a meal. Tint it with natural food coloring like beet juice, blueberries or cumin. You could also serve one meal in theme colors like flag colors every day for a week. Breakfast could be pancakes with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream for red, white and blue, for example.
  • Leave a secret "I love you" message hidden in a lunch box, painted on their pancakes or tucked into their shoes. Better yet, leave a dozen.