Friday, September 5, 2008

What we did today

We did a few different projects today. The first was to melt crayons and cut them out with cookie cutters (see post further down). They turned out so pretty that I actually set them up on shelves in Zhana's room though! I did give her a few to color with. The second thing we did was to continue adding to her collection of artist matching cards. Every week, I choose famous paintings, print them off google images, glue and seal them on to cardstock, and then she matches them and in the process learns about the artists. Next, we did a project where we printed off objects going from biggest to smallest for her to sort. Finally, we did an art project tracing around my hand and her little hand inside it and let her color it. This will be going in the memory trunk as its a nice reminder of how small her 2 year old hand fit inside mine. I need to get better at taking pictures and posting about our fun times!