Monday, September 8, 2008

A day with Grampy

This idea comes from Family Fun magazine: A Day with Grampy

Having lost my father when I was still a child, I've been concerned that Zhana would never know about the amazing man he was. I absolutely love this idea! If you go to the Family Fun magazine website, you can read all the details.

  1. Label cardstock with phrases that remind you of the loved one, such as "Making Noodles" or "Tickle Torture"
  2. Add photos and other memorabilia that remind you of the loved one.
  3. On the outside of a suitcase add a luggage tag that says, "A day with grampy"
  4. Introduce the suitcase to the child-"Today you get to learn all the things your grandfather would have wanted you to know were he still alive."
  5. Tell child to select cards and do the activities with parent

Here is an example: For me some of the labels would be-making noodles, doing Dad's hair, Daddy's singing, ZZ top, nature walks...Memorabilia I would include in the suitcase might be trinkets he gave me as a child. Some of the activities she might choose from these labels would be making homemade noodles with me, listening to ZZ top, learning about animal tracks.

This is such a wonderful idea!