Monday, September 15, 2008

Stop Child Sexual Abusers! Act Quick!!

This isn't a topic usually on the blog but it does have to do with children. I just watched the most recent Oprah Winfrey show on child sexual predators and was horrified. The show had examples of a manual being put out on the internet to help sexual predators abuse our children. I was horrified when she read where in the pamplet it says that when abusing children under 2, to put a pacifier in their mouth. There are videos online where babies who still have an umbilical cord are being sexually abused. Did you know that due to lack of resources that law enforcement can't even follow up on the majority of the leads they have? The PROTECT Our Children act will authorize over $320 million for law enforcement to investigate child exploitation and mandate that child rescue be a top priority for law encorcement receiving federal funding. PLEASE contact your senator to pass this bill before they recess. If you go to this link if will tell you more about the bill and how to contact your senator. There is even a form letter there. Please, put down the phone, stop watching tv, stop whatever you are doing and contact your senator. Let's protect the babies!