Friday, September 12, 2008

Fancy Friday: **Sassiepants**

For our first “Fancy Friday” feature, I chose to review a shop that I’ve personally used to sew clothing for my daughter. I have been extremely pleased in the past after purchasing clothing by this owner. One thing I think sets her apart is her genuine sweetness. There are a lot of choices online when looking for boutique clothing, but personally I’d rather purchase from someone who is nice. She remained in constant communication with me and the item arrived quickly. This shop can be found on Ebay under the seller name of Sassiebritches Some of the adorable items she currently has listed include and included her are chenille overalls, petshop pillowcase dress, pumpkin pillowcase dress, sailboat boutique outfit, and the ADORABLE Euro outfit.

Background Information:
Lianda is a married woman with 4 children. She enjoys exercising and eating healthy. Her husband is in the service and she is trained as a nurse.

What was she doing before starting her business:
Before I was selling crafts, I was working as a nurse in the hospital. I had triplets, then went back to work. Shortly thereafter, about a year went by, and I found out I was pregnant again. So, needless to say, I stopped working. And haven't been back yet. If you do the math on 4 kids in daycare all day long, it just doesn't pay to go to work. So, I sew!! At first I did it just for my girls. But one day, one of my girls was told she needed to wear a patch on her eye. And she was very bummed about that. (Try getting a 3 yr old to keep a patch on her eye for weeks on end!!) So, I tried finding a pirate outfit, not too costume-y, but something she could wear in preschool or anywhere!! Well, I made her something with Dora pirate on a top and some freed jeans, and she Loved it!! She loved wearing her eye patch with it as well! That's when I thought Hmm, I wonder how many other kids are in the same boat!! So, I just tried to offer some to sell and see what would happen!!

How long have you been a seamstress?
I have been sewing since I was in high school, but only making custom items for maybe 3 years now!

What are your bestsellers?
My best sellers right now are anything with applique work on them! Whether it be shirts, skirts, overalls, whatever!Do you have a favorite product?My faves are anything made from my German patterns!! I love the funky, twirly, showy stuff!! It is very unique, very girly, and so much fun!! Anything with Euro flare is my alley!!

Using a one line phrase, how would you describe your business?
Reasonable Boutique Prices with high end expectations!!
Plans for the future?I hope to continue, but time will tell. I may go back to work soon as all of my kiddos will be in school soon!! I do miss my job as a nurse!! But I will always be able to sew in spare time!! Because it is a fun hobby!!

Why is your boutique unique?
I think my business is unique in that not only do I have sets made already in certain sizes, I also take custom orders for children. If there is an exceptionally thin child or tall, or short, or husky, whatever it may be, I try to alter patterns, and we make it fit perfect!! Also offered is the opportunity for customers to see an item and ask to have it in another color, or pattern. Basically, I just am a personal seamstress for my customers!!

Where do you sell your items?I sell most of my stuff on ebay. However, I do take custom orders through my email address, oh, and my neighborhood!! LOL!!

How do your sizes run?
As far as sizing goes, I am usually right on with sizing!! I have great models here at home that wear different sizes which helps at times!! I also have neighbors and friends that help model as well!! I also have size charts in a lot of my designs that I have worked with repeatedly!! I like to tweak things until I like them just perfect!!

Can you tell us more about your business?
All my items come from a pet and smoke free home!! I have a sewing machine, embroidery machine, and serger! I try not to hold anyone's order more than a week after receiving payment!! I do combine shipping! I ship around the world!Most of the money that I do make goes to my daughter's hippo therapy. The smallest of my triplets have cerebral palsy. Hippo therapy is costly, but I believe necessary for her. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't pay for this. But I have seen drastic improvement in her upper body strength and it is a fun activity for her without her realizing that it is actual therapy. She is facing a lengthy surgery mid November which will make her very dependent and incapable of going to school for a few months. So, the smile on her face at these horse sessions is priceless! She has been through so much in her little life! I would do anything I had to get her whatever it is she needs to see her smile! She is one tough little girl!!We've also been saving some money since spring to go on a trip with our daddy. He has been gone in Iraq for quiet some time. And when he comes back, his kids want to take him "to a hotel to play in the pool!" Hopefully, we will do more than that, but, we are saving my money for something fun like that!!But anyhow!! That's me!!! My story!! Don't ever hesitate to order anything from me!! If you are not happy, I am not happy!! I aim to please!! :)

In short, this seller is highly recommended by Super Fun Mama. Be sure to check back next week for another "Fancy Friday" review. On Fancy Friday, we take a little break from all of our learning and education posts and focus on clothing for the little ones. If you are a boutique seamstress and are interested in being featured, just let me know!

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