Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekly Product Review: KABOOST

I am very excited about having an opportunity to review the Kaboost! This wonderful product goes underneath any four legged chair and instantly boosts your child up. I found that the spring loaded legs very very easy to assemble even for someone with limited mechanical capability. It literally took like 20 seconds to put together. My daughter is getting too large for her high chair and I’m not a huge fan of booster seats, so this is the perfect solution for my family. Just yesterday, I went into the dining room and found my sweetypie sitting up at the dining room table on her own “big girl chair” flipping through a magazine. You could tell by her face that she was so excited to be able to sit at the table like the rest of the family. More importantly, she’s able to crawl into the chair anytime she wants, which is not possible with a booster seat without the risk of her falling being highly likely. I love not having to worry about cleaning up a discusting booster seat, as well. The chair is made quite well and stays firmly gripped to the chair when moved. It folds up compactly and can be taken when traveling to visit family or eat out in restaurants. This product comes in four different colors to choose from: green, chocolate, natural, or charcoal. This product grows with your child and can be adjusted to two different heights. It holds up to 300 pounds! You don’t have to worry about this product not fitting your chair as it fits nearly all 4-legged chairs. This product is recommended for children aged 20 months to 6 years old. This product has been reviewed by several media sources such as this link to its feature on the Today Show: . The Kaboost makes little kids feel like big kids! For $39.95 you can have any chair in your house instantly boost! This item can be purchased at Babies R Us, Target, or online. I really think this product should be in every household with a toddler!If you are interested, I highly suggest you check out this website:

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