Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Sensory Bin

Nature table by blog owner and etsy shop owner mommychic
Autumn Sensory Table

Recently, I made a post giving details of how to make a sensory table. I promised to follow up with some sensory bin ideas. I have several files on this topic so be prepared for many more posts on sensory tables to come.

First up is ideas for your Autumn Sensory Bin/Table.For your autumn sensory table table here are a few ideas:

* leaves


*Take out pulp and seeds out of a pumpkin


*Mix dried black beans and red lentils

*autumn colored macaroni

*unhusked corn

*deer corn (only $4.00 for a 40 p0und bag)


*minature pumpkins

*make a cornhusk doll and place it on the table

*acorns in a basket

*Pressed leaf book

*Fall Gnomes/Faeries


*felted pumpkin, gourd, or apple

*nature people made from pinecones

Why do a sensory table?

Sensory tables are great because it gives kids a chance to learn "hands on". There are so many different things children can learn from sensory tables but a few are-math skills, problem solving, science, practical exercises/defined movement, and creative development.

Why do a nature table?

The nature table is an important element of a Waldorf classroom, if I understand correctly. Eachseason, the nature table is changed. Many people put a play silk over a table and display the items on top of it. The playsilk should be a color that corresponds with the season. Nature tables are also sometimes referred to as Seasonal Tables.

Sorry I don't have any pics to show you. I'll try to post some soon. For now, here are some links to individuals who provide items you could purchase for your tables. Perhaps it will give you a good feel of what the two tables are:

Here are some knitted acorns and a pumpkin by Etsy shop mommychic

Acorn Cap Faerie by Etsy seller thewoolengnome

Nutcap babies by Etsy Seller dreamchildstudio

Tree by Etsy seller HandWorkNaturals

Mother Earth doll by Etsy seller magicforest

If anyone reading this has pics of their Autumn sensory table or Nature table, I'd love to see them. If you have an item that you make for Nature/Sensory tables and are interested in being featured, please let me know.