Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Happiness and Bubbles Galore

Yesterday, we spent some more time doing Halloween crafts. We'll likely continue doing them everyday until Halloween. First up are some Halloween cookies. I found this Halloween cookie decorating kit for 1/2 off at Michael's and couldn't pass it up. I added the frosting to the cookies then gave the candy to my daughter to decorate. I had envisioned this as a great art activity but it didn't quite turn out as planned. Rather than decorating the cookies, she wanted to eat the candies (of course, she is only 2 after all, lol). However, I do think she really enjoyed the chance to get her fingers super sticky and gooey. Oh and the cookies were prebaked in the box and tasted really bad so I wouldn't recommend the Wilton cookie decorating box. It was kind of fun though!
Next, we decorated a pom pom spider kit also purchased at Michael's for 99 cents. I think you could do this easily without the kit if you really wanted to do it and don't have a Michaels' nearby. The first thing you do is stick 4 pipecleaners through the big fussy pom pom (basically floral foam covered with plastic green stuff ).

Next you bend the pipecleaner near the top and bottom like spider legs.

Then you glue on the eyes...Stick a piece of fishing line through the spider to hangAnd you have yourself a fun little spider. This is one of the best prepacked craft packs I've come across for toddlers. Usually, the instructions are too complicated and I have to end up doing most of the project. This one was super easy and our little toddlers can do almost all of the work themselves.

Next, we did another craft pack from Michaels. This one is a foam house that you put together and then decorate with foam fall stickers. The kit comes with foam pieces that have been cut so that they hook together like a puzzle. Little one really enjoyed this part of the craft as she adores puzzles. This is probably another craft you could reproduce at home with some careful cutting as the only materials used are foam.

Then the child adds on the included Halloween foam stickers...

Here is our completed house

Next LO had some bubble fun. My daughter has been in a stage for the last few months where she is almost obsessed with bubbles. On a daily basis, I probably here the phrase, "Pop bubbles mommy" at least 50 times a day. She adores everything related to bubbles and would choose bubble blowing over any other activity. She also loves her bubble baths also. We have one of those jacuzzi machines that fit over the side of a bathtub and when bubbles are added it produces a ton of bubbles. Here are some pics of her latest bubble fun...


Anonymous said...

that spider looks really cute. I think we'll make a few different colors of those.