Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Product Review: Whimsical Walney

I posted the review on this company a few days ago but decided to repost it with an update about the giveaway.

When you visit the Whimsical Walney website, there is a little poem on their website that I feel is a very good introduction to their company:

let children play
let naptime become optional
let their cheeks become red delicious from endless hours of play
let them color the cows purple and the sky green
let children play.
This company was established in 2004 and has sense brightened up the world of child products by designing products that let children play. Each piece they design is meant to "foster a child's sense of wonder and adventure."
This company has a really neat line of clothing called Use Your Words. It was created to expand a child's vocabulary. I love the idea of clothing that teaches! Currently, the line features English and Spanish and will soon be adding French words as well.
I was given the opportunity to review the "Blow Bubbles" shirt by Whimsical Walney. First, let me point out that the shirt is extra-soft interlock cotton and feels so good! This is the most perfect shirt for my daughter-this is one that I'll be keeping for her tee-shirt memory quilt that I'll make someday. So, why is this shirt so special? I have a little girl obsessed with bubbles. I hear the phrase, "Blow Bubbles" at least five times a day (usually more). There has actually been an incident where she awoke at 3 am to ask me if she could blow bubbles! So, I can honestly say that I can imagine no shirt better summing up who she is right now, at the moment! Here are a few pics of her in her new favorite shirt:

Okay, so there were more than just a few but how can I resist when she is playing with her favorite thing and wearing a shirt totally encompassing the moment? The shirts sell for $32.00. They come in sizes 6 months to 10 years. There are several other Use Your Words shirts in categories of Fruits and Vegetables, Professionals and Whimsical. As previously explained, the "Blow Bubbles" shirt is my favorite but a couple of others that I think are darling include:
Strawberry/ La Fresa

let's conga/Soy Rumbero

I'm an Angler

This store offers another clothing line called World Flags. Categories included in this line are Countries, States and Cities, and Whimsical.

The company has a line of fabric books for children. These books are great for kids because of the visual and tactile stimulation they bring. I love that these books can be machine washed and dried. Book themes include: Out of this World, Spring Blooms, Under the Sea, Sea, Land, and Space. They also have black and white patterned books for newborns. I love this idea!

Finally, the company offers the Sol Protector Blanket. This blanket isn't just a regular old blanket but has Solarweave® fabric which provides protection at UPF 40–50. This is a lightweight blanket that is great for sunny days.
I really like this company because of its focus on multiculturalism and language. I think this is a unique concept and is wonderful for parents teaching a second language to their children. However, even if you aren't teaching your children a second language, the products are bright and beautiful and makes a terrific clothing item.
The owner of the company answered a few interview questions I had for her-
Q: If you could give a one line phrase to describe your business what would it be?Let Children Play
Q: What do you think makes your store unique?At Whimsical Walney, we design products that promote a child’s curiosity and creativity. Each product is meant to cater to children’s needs at different stages in their development. Many of these products can also grow with your child. The Use Your Words™ clothing line, for example, starts with a child pointing to the picture and signing or saying the word when they’re toddlers. As they grow, it becomes a conversation about the object and what it is, how it’s used, etc. They may even be telling you what it is in Spanish or French if you’ve purchased one of those designs!
Q: Where do you get ideas for designs?It varies. Sometimes it’s a line in a song (like Soy pescador/I’m an angler which I explain in my blog) or as simple as a child’s everyday favorite things (blow bubbles). For the Use Your Words™ line the word has to be something fun or interesting to say.
Q: What are your top sellers?People seem most enamored of the artichoke, blow bubbles, and let’s conga/soy rumbero from the Use Your Words™ line. The CA state flag is also quite popular.
Q: Do you have a favorite line? It’s hard to pick a “favorite” really. I am still enchanted with the illustrations in the Use Your Words™ line but also know how much I enjoy creating the fabric story a child reads in a Telanovela™. Who doesn’t want to be able to read a book and eat it too?
Q: If you would like to add anything else about your business too, that would be great!If you have a minute, stop by the company blog (The Adventures of Whimsical Walney). We’ll be focusing on some great community organizations across the US, as well as online stories and language resources that benefit children and parents. We also welcome comments and feedback - so drop us a line at any time.
Here is a link to the website: