Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sassafras-A Walking Bag, Magic Sugar Cookies, and even Ducks that Cut...Intrigued?

Sassafras is a child company that is a whole lot of fun with several very cute products. They started out in a home in 1977 with a deep dish pizza pan kit. Their largest focus is kids baking products and they have so many to choose from! They focus on having a great tasting product and that the directions are easy enough for children. I just love the company and I think if you take a browse around their website at you will too!

This company absolutely, hands down has the cutest bags I have ever seen. If you are looking for a bag for your child, there is no need to look any further. Good luck choosing between them, however! My little girl owns the Ellie Sleepwalkers Overnight Bag and I totally adore it, as does everyone else who sees it. Though he is wearing a little nightcap, we use it for everything and ALWAYS (no exaggeration, we have never not went in public and had someone ask about the bag) receive compliments on it. It is a large bag, big enough to fit whatever needs to go into it. It's so soft too! It is extremely durable and is easy to clean . It’s this adorable little elephant with four little legs hanging down so that it look like he’s walking. It sells for $24.95 and is worth every single penny. Doesn’t it just make you smile?

Now, there are 3 full pages of different bags so you have a ton of choices to choose from. I wish I could show you every single picture of them but alas I’ve had to choose only a few of my favorites. They have overnight bags, pull-a-longs, backpacks, purses, and lunchbags.

I also have their Princess Magic Cookie Kit, which is even cuter in person. This is the perfect gift for a little princess. The dough magically turns pink even! The Fairy Princess Magic Cookie Kit is the winner of the 2006 Preferred Choice Award. The kit contains cookie mix that turns pink, pink icing, fairy dust sprinkles, cookie cutter, and a fairy wand. They offer a Wizard Magic Cookie Kit that turns blue for the little boys.There are many, many different types of baking kits to choose from that are appropriate for both little boys and girls. The kit comes with a very cute little poem to go along with the cookies that makes it oh so special. I am always searching for fun activities to do with my little ones and baking is always a sure winner. (Sadly, my digital camera still hasn't been found but I did take some pics with my camcorder. The quality isn't great but hopefully you can still see how pretty they are). We had so much fun baking these cookies and little one shocked me with her ability to mix and cut out the cookies. It was too cute an experience, but still a learning one. When the dough turned from white to pink, this gave us an opportunity to discuss colors. She was very excited when this happened, explaining: "It's pink! Mommy, It's pink now!" Also, it is a fabulous sensory experience kneading the dough between fingers. When little one was helping to roll out the dough and cut out the star shapes, this worked on her fine motor skills. BTW, stars are Zhana's favorite shape so she is always oh so happy when anything involves the star shape. When we added the icing and sprinkles, this was a little art project too! Don't you think this would be a great kit to provide for birthday parties, girl scout meetings, or ect?

Heres a pic of my Christmas Elf getting ready to add the batter...

Mix, mix, mix...

After the cooking was completed, she has decided the container makes the perfect purse and has been carrying it on her arm.

Here's another fun kit...

In addition to the baking kits, they offer several child baking centered tools. One of my favorites is the The Little Cook Apron and Silicone Set.

They have adorable umbrellas such as this Piggy Umbrella.

They have several child scissors to choose from that I think are so cute...

We can’t forget the many different toys they offer as well such as the Lady Bug Rolling Stilts below.

There are also several garden products for our little ones; These are a few I particuarly like:
Deluxe Gardener in Training, Duck Watering Can, and the Leaf Tree Swing.

There are also products for decorating your little ones room such as these cute horse bookends.

Don't you agree that this is a wonderful store? They are being added to my list of favorite stores.


sandy said...

The bags are adorable! I really like the baking kits too. Perfect for my girls who don't ever want to leave the kitchen:)

E and T said...

Oh my goodness, just when I thought my Christmas shopping was done. Boy, am I going to have so much fun checking out his shop and buying some more beautiful and unique things for my little ones.

You do such an amazing job at finding perfect places to buy creative, fun, yet original toys.

Like you, we try and avoid the plastic, name brands. We try and choose toys that allow our children to engage in play with open ended possibilities which allows them to use their imaginations. Your reveiws are full of resources for this exact purpose.

You've made my day, I am going to be able to have a hit of retail therapy right from my own home later tonight when my two babies are sleeping. Thank you so much for your hard work. I have been mentioning to the companies that I have been purchasing from, that it is because of your excellent reviews that I have shopped with them. I will continue to do so.


judybrittle said...

The Mrs. Claus' Secret Chocolate Fudge Kit sounds really good. My granddaughter would love making some fudge.