Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wild Dill

Wild Dill is another really great company that I want to tell all about. They are an organic, fair trade, sweatshop-free, natural and/or recycled material company! Don't you just love the name, also? I often describe the mood I get from different companies-this one is kind of like finding an open air market during the wee hours of dawn on a Spring day. All is fresh and cheerful...Thats the "feel" I get from Wild Dill.

I have the most wonderful blocks in the land from this company. There are 27 blocks in all, that mimic turn of the century blocks, are made from basswood, and have beveled edged. The blocks have either an animal picture, math symbol or number, and 4 letters. Best of all, they are made in the USA. Okay, so this is going to sound weird but they smell so good! I wanted my daughter to have some lovely blocks and these are my favorite of any store, anywhere. These are blocks that can be passed down from generation to generation. I love that they remind me of the blocks my mother had as a little girl, it just makes them seem more special. These blocks are printed with nontoxic ink, so your little one can chew away.

With all the technological advances, sometimes parents forget about the most simplistic of toys but often the most enjoyed. Simple toys leave room for imagination, which I believe is the most beautiful part of childhood. Think back to when you were a child...what was your favorite toy? Most of us are going to choose a toy that didn't have lights, gadgets, or require batteries. Maybe it was a cloth doll, a teddy bear, or some blocks. Mine was a ragdoll made by my mother that I still have but I also have lovely memories of playing with blocks.

We must remember that children love being able to problem solve and express their creativity. When a child plays with a simple toy like blocks THEY get to create their own world with their imagination. An electronic toy steals the imagination of the child by telling the little one how to play with it.

So a few more reasons I love these blocks:
*They awaken the imagination, rather than directing the child how to play.
*You can do so much with blocks; There are endless towers and cities to build.
*It's a lot of fun to build blocks with your child!
*Blocks encourage social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. In addition, problem solving, symbolic thinking, math concepts, spatial skills, logical, mathematical skills, planning, construction and social play.

Here are a few of my favorite of their clothing…

Kate Quinn Organic Kimono Dress-100% organic cotton; $34

Sckoon Organic Booties-100% organic cotton; $14

Progressive Kid Organic Mine Don't Mess Tee-100% organic cotton $20

Maggie's Organics Tie Dye Socks; $10

Jasper Hearts Wren Gnome Tee; $20

They have a magnificant collection of toys. It is EXTREMELY difficult to choose just a few…but here we go

ImagiPLAY Elephant Family Puzzle; $13

Pastel Toys Tommy Truck; $27

Clementine Organic Play Dough Art Kit; $38

Imagination Box Cottage; $20

Kenana Knitter Critters Merry Marla Mermaid; $48

The have bedding products as well such as this Storybook Quilt or Sheet Set

I’m really impressed by how easy it is to use their website and find items. It’s a pretty website and I think the simplicity makes shopping so much more enjoyable. I love that their store explains the importance of organic and fair trade product.

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What are your favorite products from Wild Dill?


Anonymous said...

I love the organic Mine Don't mess shirt. I am hoping with more and more people going green and buying organic that we are raising a new generation of environment conscious children.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I love Wild Dill!

Yes, I got it - I guess you aren't getting my emails? It's too cute! Thank you so much, we love it! :)

sandy said...

I really want to make a puppet theater for my girls. The Kenana Knitter Critters Leopard Puppet is super cute!

besosforpesos said...

Those knitter critters are ADORABLE! They remind me of some knit dolls I saw on etsy.

bethany said...

I really love those organic booties-so cute for my little one!!

judybrittle said...

I really like the Imagination boxes. I bought the cottage for my granddaughter for Christmas.