Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can't Keep Up With All Blog Posts: A New Idea

I love my Mommy blogs. They are such a source of inspiration but like I've said before I can't keep up with them. Not only can I not keep up with the ones I already subscribe too but I can't seem to stop adding more. I just dont' want to miss a single thing! So first a couple questions and then an idea. I remember someone discussing a way to save blog posts they want to read but don't have time for by clicking something. What is it/Where is it? So in other words, if I've already done SO many Valentines Day activities but want to remember the activity for next year-how do I save the post? Second, I know there are sites out there where people send in their favorite post of the week. However, I don't really care (no offense) about a techie blog's favorite post or a an 18 year old's party blog. I mostly just care to read my mommy blogs. Are there any Mommy blog favorite posts of the week? If not-I'm willing (okay actually want to) host mommy blog's favorite post of the week if there isn't another one out there.

Thanks, Candice