Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Fun Continued...

Yesterday I posted about our ice-well last night and today we got snow to go on top of the ice. Yeah! She loved the snow and I had a hard time getting her away from it.

snowdayjan 030

snowdayjan 041

 snowdayjan 049


E and T said...

Awww, beautiful, magical photos.

We are in the middle of a heat wave over here in Australia. Record temperatures have been set in the southern parts of Australia and the heat is causing havoc.

I enjoyed reading all of your wonderful activities that you have been doing to learn all about the snow and winter.

My little girl loves ice cubes as well. We also enjoy using bubble wrap to paint with.


Professional Mommy said...

oh...the warmth sounds so nice but not too that extreme. Actually, I have been enjoying Winter for the most part...I love the snow but could really do without all the ice. I get really afraid to drive on ice.