Monday, January 12, 2009

What We've Been Reading

Last week I shared with you all what I've been reading. I thought I'd do this on a weekly basis. I've listed three types of books: Parenting Books, Books for Toddlers, and Novels that are Not Child Related...Enjoy!

How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way (Paperback)by Tim Seldin

Now, people this is what I've been searching for when it comes to not just Montessori books but parenting/early childhood education books in general. I've heard about the book forever but for some reason had never read it. So much info out there is about doing Montessori at school- but this is for home with your own child! Love, love, love it! Definitely 5 starts from me. While I knew a lot of the info, the book is so perfect how to teach the principles to the toddler age and most importantly how to incorporate Montessori at home. I want to give it to every parent out there! Oh, and it tells how to make Montessori items at home-another huge plus!

The Nature Corner: Celebrating the Year's Cycle with a Seasonal Tableau (Paperback)by M. V. Leeuwen

I've been wanting to make a more in-depth nature table for my tot and this little book has a lot of great info on how to do just that. The instructions are easy. I have to admit I haven't made anything yet because I don't have enough of the fabric colors but plan to soon. If interested in Waldorf, you'll probably like this book.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers: 8-Minute Routines to Help Your Child Grow Smarter, Be Happier, and Behave Better (Paperback)by Helen Garabedian

Finally, a SIMPLE kids yoga book. These are poses I can actually do, lol. We just started doing some of the poses, but we both enjoy it a lot. In the book it says to spin your child in an office chair when they are getting ready to tantrum and it works! I can't believe it works but it does.


Potty Time (Teddy Board Book) (Board book)

I liked that it was simple and quick to read. I was not pleased, however, to see a picture of a child wearing the potty on head! I saw the picture and wanted to hide the book so she didn't get more ideas. What is it with all the potty books/dvd's giving these ideas to toddlers? It was pretty good overall, however.

Daddy Hugs (Classic Board Book) (Board book)by Karen Katz

10 different ways for Dads to hug their babies are counted(i.e.: kissing boo-boos, burping, getting ready for bed, first steps, playing hide-and-seek, dancing on Daddy's feet, etc.) I loved watching my husband read this to my little girl. I checked it out from the library but plan to buy it. It is a very simple board book but I find that simple books are best for my little girl at bedtime. 5 stars.


Timbuktu: Paul Auster: This is a short but lovely little novel about a dog who loses his master, a Schizophrenic homeless man. It is told from the dog’s point of view. The dog, Mr. Bones, must learn to survive on his own after the death of his master/friend. The love the dog has for his master is true and beautiful. I must say that I wasn’t sure of this little book when I saw it. It is much thinner than most of the books I read and well the premise sounded a little too much like a novel for middle school students but while it may appeal to that age group, it is very fitting for adults as well. I really enjoyed this book a lot. The perfect book for a quick read. I do wish it has been longer—I really wanted to know more about the characters.

What have you all been reading that you've enjoyed?