Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Mitten Theme Day

The Mitten is a great book by Jan Brett for our little toddlers. It is basically about a little boy who loses his glove and several animals climb inside-all the way up to a big bear! The book is very cute and sure to be a lot of fun reading to your little one. 

The first activity we did was to make "large to small" mittens. I simply cute mitten shapes out of construction paper in different sizes then asked little one to put them big to small. 

ian09part1 056

Our next activity was to print out these mittens with different colors and designs. Next, you have half mittens with the same patterns. Your child is to match up the full gloves with the half gloves.  The Mitten Shape puzzle can be found here.

ian09part1 055 

My daughter's favorite activity was to print this bear mask and wear it while we read the story...and well, all day. This website has several different animal masks to choose from. We'll probably end up printing off all the masks. The masks are here.

ian09part1 058


For this next activity we visited the Jan Brett website where she has printables to go along with her books. We printed out the mitten and animals and then colored them.  It's fun to add the animals while you read the story. 


Some of the activities we didn't do but sound like they'd be fun include:

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