Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank You God for the Drawings on the Wall

Today I'm feeling a little bit emotional about children. (My H key keeps sticking which brings me out of my cries a little bit). I think it is caused by a variety of issues. First of all, I've watched this Caylee Anthony case pretty closely. It never fails-every night when it shows the video of her reading or singing I start crying. Shortly afterward, I go over to my baby girl and kiss and hug her as much as I can. So, if it bothers me it would make sense for me to not watch it. Maybe this doesn't make sense but it is almost like I feel that if I don't keep up on the case it is in some way forgetting about little Caylee. If her own mother hurt her (I know innocent until proven guilty but she looks 99.9% guilty to me) we the public at least shouldn't forget about her...Before my daughter these cases had an effect but not like since having my baby girl. My heart aches so much for these children.

Then I went to another blog and came across a mother who has lost 3 children to death. Still she has tremendous faith and a positive spirit. My heart grieves for her but I am absolutely amazed by her strength.

Our country is going through a hard time right now. People are losing their jobs left and right. There are no jobs out there. Businesses are closing down. People have lost money in the stock market. The list goes on...However, when I see stories like these I cry. I cry of course for their loss, their pain. But I also cry for my own selfishness. How blessed are we mothers who have not lost our children. How rich we are with the never ending kisses. The next time I find myself griping about everyday stresses I hope I remember these stories. I especially hope I remember these cases when I'm about to pull all of my hair out because my daughter has decided to use the wall as a canvas for her markers again. Thank you God for those drawings on my wall from those precious little hands.