Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to Little Ones School. FINALLY!

Recently I read a blog where the mom explained that she just lays the school items out on the floor. This really brought me a little calmness. I just love Montessori but have difficulty in keeping everything on shelves.  Also, I try to keep her play and learning materials separate and just do not have the room for more shelves for her learning activities. Anyway, since keeping her learning items in a bin that is this spread out on the floor, it has been easier for me. Also, in the past I’ve spent so much time on lesson plans; Today, I just spread out some items and let my daughter choose what she wanted to play with and when (more like Montessori anyhow).  This was a great success! I have had her learning items on shelves that she could get any time she wanted but I think seeing them all the time made her less eager to use them. I think this is actually another plus for the bin method. They are not always accessible and therefore when offered to her, she is more likely to be interested. Interested she was! At her own desire, she had “school” for several hours today.  Here are just some of the things she did…

ian09part1 042 ian09part1 043

On the 1+1+1=1 blog I read about making a matching activity from bottle caps.  I couldn’t remember exactly how I was supposed to do the activity but this worked for us.  So many blogs I go to, the activities are perfect! I’ve never been neat at projects but I try! So mine isn’t too pretty, but my 2 year old still likes it. 

ian09part1 044

Coloring is a huge part of our days at my home.  She definitely spends more time drawing or coloring than any other activity. She adores art!


ian09part1 040

She placed with her foam shape set. A long time ago I shared this with you all. The concept is simple-just cut out large shapes from foam or cardstock. Then cut out small shapes that match the large shapes. Your little one then places the little shapes onto the larger ones. My daughter has always enjoyed this though she mastered it many, many months ago. Sometimes we are always trying to challenge our children but I think it is also good to keep projects that they are able to do well to boost their confidence.

ian09part1 049

She played with another old classic. It is simply a print out of a hot air balloon with shapes. There are little cut out shapes to match on the balloon. It seems she was into matching shapes today.

ian09part1 048

She enjoyed playing with her paint card activity. We do it a little different than the true Montessori style. My daughter simply puts all the different shades of the same color together.  If you think your children would like this-simply get the paint cards at Walmart or a hardware store, cut them apart, and then show them how they are different shades of the same color. 

ian09part1 047

She spent a lot of time playing with her alphabet magnets today…

ian09part1 032

In a WONDERFUL book that I’ll be writing about very soon (How to Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way) I got the idea to make a table setting placemat for Zhana.  I simply traced around the items and then covered it with contact paper.  She likes to help set the table already and this will help her out even more. My mom always made setting the table one of her children’s first responsibilities and I plan to as well. My daughter loves to set the table and put away dishes. 

ian09part1 050

This next part wasn’t exactly “school” but I think imagination is very, very important plus this is an opportunity to show you all her little kitchen that I just love. It is the Step 2 Custom Kitchen. I knew I wanted to get her a little kitchen for Christmas and spent a long time looking at different ones. I loved the wooden kitchens out there but didn’t have $400 in my budget for a play kitchen! This one has turned out to be just perfect. It has a fridge, oven, microwave, sink, lots of drawers, plate rack, and even a little window. Oh, and the burner makes different noises for boiling and frying. She loves it so much! This was her favorite Christmas present.

ian09part1 028

See the little table and chairs. These were handcrafted for me when I was a little girl, some 27 years ago! My mom had these through my childhood and eight grandchildren before I brought them to my little girl to play with. It means a lot to me to watch her play with something I remember playing with as a child.  My mom saved SO many of my childhood items. 

ian09part1 029

I know some of you have been missing the reviews. After taking a break after the Christmas rush, I will be having one for a really great product coming in a couple of days. 

Bye all and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I love the alphabet coke lids. What an awesome idea.

sandy said...

I find putting everything out on the floor is easier as well. We spent most of the time on the floor when I taught preschool so it just carried over to home then.

Clemencia said...

thank you so much for the ideas, I love them all lol

E and T said...

Happy new year to you. I have been meaning to come by for a while, but it seems as though one thing has been happening after another.

I agree, I sometimes find that if everything is at my daughters disposal she is less motivated to engage with things that seem familiar. I am big on rotating what she has access to. Of course the basics - like all of her books, crayons, pens, paper, play doh, blocks, musical instruments etc etc are always accessible.

I'm looking ofrward to following your blog in 09.

Lots of love