Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day Projects

Today, we worked on a few Valentines Day crafts.

*The first thing we did was to make Valentines Day cards for close family members.  We simply found some cute Valentines Day coloring pages, colored, and then applied to colored paper for a card. 

*The second thing we did was to make this heart shaped mobile. Mom, you will have to be involved a lot for this project.  Start, by cutting out a swirl design from a piece of cardboard. I had a red box but if not you may want to paint it red first.  Next, cut out some red hearts from cardboard.  Cut a slit of half the heart and a slit at the bottom of half the hearts. Slip the hearts together for 3-D hearts. Punch holes in various places on the swirl and die ribbon through the holes. Tie on the hearts. Finally, attach a piece of ribbon to hang the mobile.

*We also tried making glue/paint hearts but these did not turn out. If anyone has any advice or a recipe for these that work, please let me know.

*We painted hearts on our windows using Tempera glue.It washes right off.

*We made tissue paper light catchers. Simply lay out a piece of clear contact paper. Have your little one add small pieces of different colored tissue paper. Cover this with another layer of clear contact paper. Cut in the shape of a heart. Add a hole with some ribbon for a heart suncatcher.