Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Easy Crafts for Toddlers

Window Silhouettes;

Another fine craft courtesy of Skip to My Lou Blog. I did make a few changes for our simplicity (we didn’t sand the contact paper first).  To make your own window clings you’ll need…

  • clear contact paper
  • paint brushes
  • paint

Cut some contact paper squares out, about 5” x 5”. Let your tot paint all over the place, any way they desire. Let the paint dry completely then take another square of contact paper the same size as your painting and peel off the paper backing. Cover your painting with the clear contact paper. Smooth out any bubbles. Trace a shape around the painting. Click here for the link to the template Skip To My Lou made for the project. I just cut out a general egg shape.  Cut out the shape. Remove the paper backing. Stick to your windows!

Picture 254

Tissue paper eggs:

You need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Decoupage solution
  • pom poms
  • ribbon

Cut out an egg shape from your piece of cardboard. Cover the egg with decoupage solution.  Have precut squares of tissue paper ready for your little one.  Have them cover the egg with the tissue paper pieces.  Show them how to overlap the pieces. Cover the egg with a top coat of decoupage.  Have your tot glue on some pom poms and a ribbon.  My daughter loved this craft. She is really into a glue phase at the moment, so this craft was perfect for her.  I think it is a great little craft also because other than cutting out the egg shape, it is something they can make all alone with the exception of a little guidance. 

Picture 251

I think these little plastic ornaments are perfect for tots to paint.  You can find these in any $1 store. I believe I picked these up at Target in the $1 aisle. 

Picture 252


Aunt LoLo said...

Super cute!

Is it just me, or did you win the apron from LoLo Craft in the UBP party??? Did you get my e-mail?

Super Fun Mama said...

Oh thank you. Im not a good crafter but I try for my daughter!

Nicki said...

Thanks for the ideas! We're going to start doing Easter stuff next week, and I'll probably try one or both of these projects with the girls!