Friday, March 27, 2009

Ruby Pinwheels Review


My first impression of this product is that it looked fun and inviting for children.  I liked the packaging in that it was kid friendly.  However, since this product uses essential oils and is natural, I believe a more natural looking design would be more beneficial as it would help to draw customers to it that are looking for such a product.  I'm afraid in a store that I might have bypassed it, thinking it was just another run of the mill lotion for children. ON THE OTHER HAND, maybe that is what the adult desires and actually this fun, spunky style is probably perfect for the kiddos.   I do really like the name of the lotion "Put on a Happy Face and Body Lotion". It just makes me smile. 

I absolutely adore the fragrance of this product.  It is natural and fresh.  I used to make my own beauty products and used essential oils and immediately recognized the scent.  It's a scent that lotions without essential oils would have a hard time mimicing.  I've never been in a citris grove (midwesterner here) but smells how I would imagine a grove of citrus trees would.  Even more interesting, online another review for this lotion remarked about its apple fragrance. Hmmm...

I liked that the product isn't heavy and quickly moisturizes into your skin, rather than leaving a greasy barrier.  So often children's lotions seem to be very greasy and this one really stood out in that it didn't do that. 

I definitely do think that this product was effective as a lotion.  I am very much a fan of it being appropriate for both the face and body.  I think it smells better than any other children's lotion I've come across.  It's definitely my favorite of any kids lotion that I've used. I love that it has a botanical infusion of lavendar, chamomile, balm mint, yarrow, coltsfoot leaf, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa seed butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, aloe, cupucu butter, shea butter, grapefruit oil, yuzu oil, and tangerne oil.  I think its price of $4.00 is a just about where it should be. 

By the way, I love the education for consumers that the Trukid brand provides.  In going to their website, I discovered "The European Union has banned over 1,100 chemicals from cosmetics sold in Europe. The United States has banned 9 and allows all 1,100+ chemicals banned by the E.U. to be used in our personal care products.
There are approximately 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products only, and 11% of those chemicals have been tested for health and safety."  Also, only short term effects are tested and long-term effects such as learning disabilities are ignored!

Yep, I love this all natural, paraban free lotion.  Not just for my daughter though. I also like to use it.  I like the smell so much that even when I don't need lotion, I squirt it on so that I can smell it! 

This product sells at a great online store called Ruby Pinwheels.  They offer children's products that are eco friendly,organic, and made under fair trade agreements.  They offer much more than just lotions.  Here are a couple of my top picks of their clothing items:

This tee reads "peace for people, animals, and trees/peace for the planet and peace for me." This tee is made of 100% organic cotton.  It sells for $18.00.

PKTSS14M2T-2 Designed in the tradition of Japanese traditional "Hanafuda" art cards. This tee sells for $24.00. It is 100% organic.


By the way, I was able to sample this lotion by participating in a very neat concept they have called Ruby Go Round, where members get to test out and give feedback about their products. If you are interested, go to their site and fill out an application to be a member. 

Over the past few months, I’ve definitely found some cute stores that carry organic, fair trade products.  You see I’m not like some of the mamas who like organic clothing, who go for the plain colors and simplistic styling. That has just never been me. Give me color, glitz, glimmer, and shine!! So, I’m very happy to report that Ruby Pinwheels carries very cute clothing that isn’t plain or simplistic like some organic clothing companies (see above for adorable examples).  Better yet (Okay in this economy the best part of all) are their prices!! Some organic baby/toddler companies have items so high (Seriously are their moms out there that spend $240 on a tee shirt for their toddler? Why not spend $30 and donate the other $210 to a charity? C’mon that is just silly.) These prices are comparable to Walmart, Target, and other big box retailers. 

Anyway they are a great, great company! Check them out here


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