Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Fun Outside We started Earth Day by planting some flowers. Zhana enjoyed helping to dig in the dirt.

 Picture 331Picture 332

In the process, she found a worm she named “Mr. Worm”.  She had fun watching him. 


Picture 333

Picture 334

Next, she had great fun playing with the dandelions in our yard.   My little girl picks me a dandelion bouquet every day and it means more to me than roses ever could.  Then of course, when they aren’t yellow she loves blowing them. 

Picture 329

Picture 324Picture 327

Oh, and of course there is the ever-fun running from Mommy, through all the neighbors yards.  Just picture a little girl giggling really hard as her mother is yelling and trying desperately to catch up. 

Picture 321

I hope all of you had a wonderful Earth Day.  I am hoping that over the next year I’m able to make some green changes in my life.  I had planned to make a garden but haven’t done that.  Does anyone know if it is too late?  I’m thinking about just doing a container garden because I really don’t enjoy being sweaty and covered in dirt when it is 95 degrees outside, while I pull weeds.  I faced reality on that today.  Still, I hope to grow at least a tomato plant.  I’ve also started using reusable bags at the grocery store or at least paper.  I’m hoping to start learning more about more healthy cleaning products. What all are you hoping to change over the next year?