Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going Through Some Hardship

Readers, please excuse my absence.  I’ve had some bad luck the past few months…and it gotten worse recently.  Perhaps in a post in the near future I’ll post about it.  It would be more like me to post about it after the experience is over…though it would likely help me more to post about it while going through the experience.  If you were to know me in real life—I have a tendency to withdraw a bit when things get rough. Frankly, learning activities have stopped.  I’m in survival mode—where basically day to day activities have stopped.  Regular activities just do not seem to fit the mood of the house. 

After finishing this paragraph I have decided to change my mind. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.  Many people in the world are going through the exact same thing…and if you aren’t then someone you love likely is. Maybe my words will help someone out there to know that it isn’t only their family in pain and worry. Maybe I’ll be able to connect with someone else out there and feeling less alone will help….

My husband was laid off.  I’ve been staying at home with my daughter…so this means no income.  Zero. So, since I’m worrying about how to pay next month’s rent, electricity, or gas…sorry, learning has taken a backseat.  I hate that.  However, it is difficult for me to go on as normal when every second I’m awake I have so many worries competing for my thoughts. 

Other hardships have occurred the last few months so we do not have money in savings.  There were no signs. My husband went to work one day and 10 minutes before going home he was given the pink slip.  It just doesn’t seem fair that companies do not have to give a notice to their employees. 

I do have some good news.  I found a job working as a therapist. I’m very happy about this.  It seems like a great job.  My only worry is that like most therapy positions you aren’t paid a set amount. You are paid according to how many referrals you get, thus clients.  So…at first it is going to be very slow.  Thank God for this job, however! It gives me hope! My husband has sent out well over 300 resumes.  The job market is the slowest I’ve ever seen.  My husband’s bother manages a store.  His company just laid off 20 people and he was getting to lay off 10 more.  They aren’t even seeking application and he had to buy a file cabinet just to hold the number of resumes he’s received in one month.  One week of resumes was a stack as thick as approximately from fingertip to elbow.  So…there is stiff competition out there. 

Anyway, I’m scared.  I’m embarrassed. I feel helpless.  I don’t know what the answer is.  I feel alone…until I turn on the tv and know that so many other people are feeling the same way I am.  Still, until it happened to me, I felt protected. 

Please pray for my family.


montessori_lori said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, but glad that you shared. Many people are in the same boat.

My husband lost his job after 9/11 and it took him 8 months to find another...so I know about living on faith :)

A few tips - I read an article in a recent Fortune magazine about job hunting that said resumes are not the way to go. As you mentioned, there are just too many people applying for the same jobs.

They profiled people who had been able to find jobs in this climate, and without fail, each found a job because of a personal connection.

If your husband doesn't have a Linkedin account yet, he should sign up for one and search for people he knows.

One person mentioned making a list of everyone he had ever worked with and calling/emailing people to let them know he was looking.

Maybe your husband has done that already...just wanted to mention it in case.

This website makes it easy to search for jobs from lots of job sites, and the blog has tons of helpful info (full disclosure: it's run by a friend of mine, but I think it stands on its own for helpfulness): The Online Beat.

One of my friends' husbands was also unemployed when my husband was, and I learned a lot from her. She was absolutely unashamed about their situation and talked to everyone about it. On my own I would have kept quiet but she inspired to me to share our situation with others, which was quite freeing.

Hope you hear some good news soon!

E and T said...

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I certainly will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

I agree, it is not right for companies to just lay their workers off without any notice. It is shameless and heartless.

Like the previous comment said, so much good can come from sharing your situation. As the saying goes: It's who you know, not what you know. In these times of economic instability I think this saying rings true when it comes to seeking employment.

Your actions have not caused your husband to be laid off, you had no direct control over that and hence the last emotion you need to feel is embarassed.

Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.


P.S. I thought I left a comment on your previous post, but note that it has not appeared as yet.

MommyWise said...

So very sorry to read this.. I feel for you and your husband...

The same thing is happening at my husband's work... Daily, I'm waiting for the call saying "I'm coming home"

coupons-feed-u said...

We'll be keeping you and your family in our prayers and that your husband will find a job soon.

Kristi_runwatch said...

So sorry to hear about that - we have been there. My husband was out of work for 4 months when my daughter was 9 months old - we had little to no savings after years of graduate school and just buying a house! God provided, but there were some days of serious prayer when we didn't have money to pay bills or buy groceries!
I'll be praying for you as God brings you to mind. I know it's not easy.

Super Fun Mama said...

I want to thank all of you for your comments. Reading them has really made me feel better.

Montessori Lori, yes we are living on faith for sure. But I'm more optimistic today and believe that there is a reason for everything and that in the end we'll be okay. No, he doesn't have a LinkedIn account and will definitely sign up for one. We should definitely look more into connecting with people from the past. I haven't heard of that site and we will definitely check it out. Thanks for posting it!

E and T-Thank you so much for your prayers. It is who you know...unfortunately no one we know has any leads. However, we have received so much love from everyone and people are keeping their eyes/ears open for us. I'm getting over being embarrassed. I guess I just don't like appearing weak and the situation does make us vulnerable.

Mommywise-I hope this hasn't happened to you. If it does I've come to realize it is similiar to going through the grief process with anger, denial, bargaining, and etc. I've finally hit the acceptance phase. Knowing I'm not alone really has helped.

Coupons, thank you we really appreciate prayers. BTW, I am so happy I am a couponer as it has helped us greatly through this time. I have such a stockpile that I can really 100% say it has saved us!

Kristi, thank you for sharing your story! I just hope he's not out of work 4 months...I guess this is a lesson to no matter what have money in savings. Well we did but had to use it for something else. Still, it shows the importance of saving.

Anonymous said...

(((((Dear One))))) So sorry to learn of this new trial! We too have been there, and I hafta share that in the end it was a wonderful opportunity to build our trust in the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, for He is our true provider!!!!! and yet going through it I KNOW that's not encouraging or what you wanna hear. Prayers going up on your behalf!!!!

I REALLY enjoyed your visit to my blog~*THANK YOU!* sooo much! Don't worry, there are areas in which I have great faith and peace, and yet "normal" areas are the ones in which I struggle. Seems to be who I am~I sweat the small stuff while the HUGE things don't ruffle me a bit. Weird, huh? My areas of weakess seem to be those that are very easily seen with the eye, while my strengths are not. Sets me up for some pretty harsh judgement and criticism sometimes.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi