Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Faerie Fun (a really cute apron too)

Mushrooms for our Fairy Friends 

We started by cutting some toilet paper rolls in half length wise.  We did this so the stem would be small enough for our tops. You may not have to do this.  Next we glued the edges of the toilet paper roll together so the stems were more slender.  I hotglued the toilet paper rolls onto a piece of cardboard cut from a soda can carton.  Then, we cut some Styrofoam balls in half and glued them on top of our stalks. 

Maypics 006

Then I let my daughter paint the mushroom stem and add stickers of butterflies and other animals.  Finally we added glue to the soda carton and glued on left over pink Easter grass for more of a fantasy element.

Maypics 008

Silly Faeries

**This isn’t a tot only activity. Mom you’ll have to help a lot with this project. 

Start by having your little one bend a pipe cleaner in half.  Help your little one  glue on a pom pom or foam ball. Also, glue the pipe cleaner in between two popsicle sticks that have been made into an X. 

Maypics 009

The next step is to tear apart a bath scrubby. If you cut the rope off it makes a long net tube. Cut pieces of the net and wrap them around the faerie to make a dress.  Tie a piece of ribbon around the dress.  Take a piece of pipe cleaner and shape it into faerie wings.  Wrap the pipe cleaner you already have on your faerie to hold the wings on. 

Maypics 010

Now add some Google eyes, pink sequins for cheeks, and paint on some pink lips.  Glue on some pieces of yarn for hair. Finally find 2 star stickers that match and put a toothpick between them for a wand. 

Maypics 013

Maypics 012

Here are our little faeries with their mushrooms. 

Maypics 014 We also made a few faerie accessories, such as this leaf table…

Maypics 015 Rainy Day Faerie House

We always have a lot of fun making faerie houses outside in nature. However, since it was raining today we decided to make an inside version that isn’t completely made out of natural materials. 

We started by taking the rest of that soda can carton we’d used for the mushrooms and cut it in half. Next, we  glued a brown paper bad to the outside. We used black paint to make lines so that it resembled bark.  We glued craft moss to the top of the little house.  On the sides we added stickers of butterflies and lady bugs. 

Maypics 016 On the inside we added some stickers to the walls.  We also made a little sink by gluing a seashell onto a thread spool.  You can’t see it very well in this picture but we also made a little bed complete with a strawberry shortcake sheet. 

Maypics 017

My daughter had a lot of fun playing with her faeries and their friends on the porch today. (BTW if you think the dolls, turtles, and monkeys are cute toys, I’ll be reviewing them on my site this week). 

Maypics 019

Maypics 036

It was a good day!

If you are new to Super Fun Mama, we do more than just faerie play.  I thought about it and since I’ve had a few faerie posts lately and my blog has faeries, I started realizing that a new reader might think this is all we do. I just loved faeries as a child and my little girl does too, so we are having a lot of fun with that theme as of late.

The other day at dusk, after a day of playing faeries, we went outside and the way the last of the day’s sun was hitting these bugs, they looked like they were glowing. My little girl was convinced they were faerieis, lol!

glowbug8 glowbug9 Also, I wanted to show you a cute little apron Zhana received from LoLoCraft.  A while back, I won it in a giveaway sponsored by 5minutesformom blog party.  This apron was in my top 3 prize wishes, so I’m so happy to have won. I think it is just adorable! She describes her etsy shop as “When you want to give homemade, and don't have the time - let me help!” Click  here to go to her Etsy Shop. She has really good prices.  She sells her aprons for $10-$15.

Picture 910 Picture 912


Aunt LoLo said...

Awww...the fairies are adorable...and I'm so glad Zhana likes her apron!!!

Anonymous said...

THAT'S IT! I need to catch the fairy fever... My little Hazel would LOVE IT! and HOW DARE YOU! You know that now I NEED to go and click on ALL THOSE LINKS you shared~LOL! I've really enjoyed learning from such things lately and been really encouraged. (((((HUGS))))) sandi