Thursday, August 6, 2009

Favorite Posts in my Reader This Week

Here lately I have been very busy.  I have also been very tired.  I haven’t had any “me” time.  When I have had any time free, I’ve spent it cleaning and doing other chores.  Today, I actually sat down and read blogs in my reader.  I wanted to share some of my faves today.  I hope you’ll excuse the lack of pictures and that the url’s aren’t linked to the pages.  Perhaps I’ll get to it this weekend…again…just perhaps. 

Favorite Blogland Projects in my Reader this week

  • ABC and 123 had a GREAT theme this week of parent made books. The blog introduced me to the This Little Project blog and their project for little books. The tutorial is great! I can’t wait to make these little books for all my themes! Love, love, love this project! (Also loved the This Little Project Blog enough to put it into my already overflowing blog reader list).Through the ABC and 123 blog I found a second blog that I just adore called The Home Teacher. It is a FANTASTIC site. Here is the link to The Home Teacher:, The Little Project Blog is here, and ABC and 123 is here: I also really liked the idea of card books from A Mommy’s Adventure that the ABC and 123 blog mentioned. This blog was already in my reader. Click here to go there: I also liked the idea of using plastic bags to make a book. If something has too many steps, like using contact paper on several pages…I usually just skip it! This I can do! After this post, I definitely want to make some more books. I had made some a while back, but my little one didn’t seem to like them as much and they never made it off the bookshelf. I may try again and I’ll post the results of if she grows to like them…
  • I really like the idea of a Schultüte that is talked about on the Once upon a Holiday blog at
  • Wee Folk Art has a very cute pattern for a mouse bookmark. I think I’ll make some of these for Christmas. The link is
  • From the Three Plus Two Blog I found out that one can watch Nova Episodes online. See
  • Thrify Décor Chick reminds me that I’ve been wanting to make something with chalkboard paint. Isn’t this the cutest? See
  • Chasing Cheerios post reminded me that I’ve been wanting to do painting with bubbles. See
  • I LOVE the on the go dollhouse that Chasing Cheerios talks about. She got the idea from here:


Elise said...

Wow, that is one excellent, comprehensvie list of wonderful finds. There were a few there that I had not seen and am thankful to you for sharing. It's always fun to learn about new and creative blogs.

The songs about manners is sweet. You always find such great resources on the web.

Super Fun Mama said...

I'm glad you liked it!

Green Mamma said...

What a wonderful compilation of ideas for getting creative with our families, :-)

Thank you for mentioning me, :-)