Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun Day at the Wax Museum


Were we at the playboy mansion?

bdaypics 157

There may be one person who can scare Donald Trump…Zhana! You Are Fired, Donald!

 bdaypics 159

Sitting at the bus stop with Forrest Gump

bdaypics 126 

Having Fun on the Yellow Brick Road with the Gang

bdaypics 124

We get groovy, baby, with Austin Powers

 bdaypics 129

I Dream of Jeannie!

bdaypics 131

My husband is a big Star Trek fan so this was his favorite part

bdaypics 145

Zhana becomes the 4th of Charlie’s Angels

bdaypics 152 Little Cowgirl having a bonanza of a time.

bdaypics 161

Zhana meets the King.

bdaypics 174

She tried to fix Marilyn Monroe’s dress so that it wouldn’t blow up, lol!

bdaypics 175 I am a HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings and Gandolf is my favorite character so I just adore this picture.

bdaypics 178


bdaypics 185

Even a wax Hannibal Lector is frightening.

bdaypics 187

I have no idea why, because Zhana has never seen the Matrix, but Trinity was her favorite.

bdaypics 189

I help keep a preschooler in line…I bet I can handle some aliens!

bdaypics 191

I tell Simon what I think of him.

bdaypics 194

Yes, even a wax Johnny Depp is very nice looking.

bdaypics 196

If you are in Branson, you should check out the Hollywood Wax Museum on the 76 Boulevard.  Their Summer hours are 8 am to midnight.  The attraction has been in Branson since 1996 but they recently underwent a 5 million dollar renovation.  While I was there I found out that this museum is going to be featured on the Travel Channel as being the World’s Best Wax Museum.  It really was a lot of fun and if you bring your camera great memories can be made.  Also, you have the opportunity to have your picture taken in the hand of a 40 foot king kong!

The tickets are cheaper online at

  • Adults $ 13.95
  • Children (4-11) $ 5.95
  • Seniors (55+) $ 11.95
  • Children under 4 Free

    sandy said...

    That looks fun!

    Lauranie said...

    GREAT PHOTOS!!!! Ya'll look like you had an AWESOME time! Wax museums are so neat, maybe it was the leather that attracted her to Trinity....better be mindful of that one! :D

    Super Fun Mama said...

    Sandy it was fun. Lauranie thank you. I'd never been to a wax museum before. That is so funny about the leather. I'll keep that in mind!Ha!