Monday, September 7, 2009

A Visit to The Farm


This park is the cutest ever! I can’t believe I’m just now discovering it! There is a city park in Springfield called Rutlidge-Wilson Farm that is a working farm park ran by the city! I have this obsession with red barns and white picket fences, so needless to say I was in love with this place.

DSC02837 I also have this thing about haybales.  I love them. Anyone else, or just me?

DSC02838 There is a fishing pond where you can fish with a cane pole on the farm.

DSC02843 Lot’s of fun little places to discover.

DSC02845 Farm animals to dicover and pet such as chickens, babydoll lambs, miniature horses, mini goats, cows, and turkeys.

DSC02848 There is this cow that is like a big puppy dog.  When you go near her she’ll give you a big lick and loves to have her ears scratched.  When the cow licked Zhana, I’ve never seen her so scared, though. 

DSC02850 They have saddles set up so the little ones can pretend to be cowgirls.  There is also a plastic cow with udders that you can pretend to milk and water comes out.

DSC02853 The farm has flowers and crops growing as well.

DSC02856 Zhana really liked watching the turkeys.


There is a cute little miniature horse that does tricks such as shaking its head yes. So cute!DSC02859 There are haybales to climb.

DSC02864  They also have a farm themed playground.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the playground because it is adorable.  It looks like a big barn.

All of this for free! What a great city park! We’ll be spending a lot of weekends at this park.


Lauranie said...

How FUN for you!! I would LOVE this!! :D

MommyAmy said...

That is SO COOL!!! Wish there was a place like that near us!!