Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Japanese Garden Festival Days

Okay, so I’m very behind on posts. I’m going to go ahead and add several today so that I’m not posting things we did over the Summer,  when there is snow on the ground, lol! Here are some pictures of our fun day at the Japanese Botanical Garden.  sep2009 003

Japanese Festival Day is always the first weekend after Labor Day.  We go just about every year going all the way back to our dating days.  sep2009 008sep2009 002

There are fun little discoveries all over the Garden.sep2009 023

The walking bridge has always been a favorite of mine.

sep2009 027

sep2009 029 There is a little Japanese tea room on the property where you can watch tea ceremonies.sep2009 033Throughout the festival are various entertainers.  This was the “Magical story teller”.  The city flies in performers from Springfield’s sister city in Japan during the festival. 

sep2009 042

Here is a top performer.

If you live in this area or are traveling through, this is a great activity to bring your family to.  This is one of our traditions.