Sunday, October 11, 2009

Annual Fall To-Do List

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  -Albert Camus

I had already done this post…but sadly didn’t save it in Live Writer, so when my computer froze up…it vanished.  So, I can’t say that I’ve spent the same amount of time on this one, but hopefully it still helps to get your family in a fall mood with some activity ideas and helps me to work on doing everything on my list…

  • Make caramel corn; Anyone care to share their favorite recipe for this?


sep2009 097

  • Visit a corn maze. Done! See post from last week.sep2009 138
  • Boo A Family. Here is a link if you don’t know what that is.
  • Make caramel apples


  • Pumpkin carving of course.  Do you all carve or paint your pumpkins.  I’ve been debating which of these Zhana would like to do more. 


  • Make pumpkin rocks: Basically, just paint some rocks orange! Done!


  • *Go to an orchard and pick apples.  Clicking here will take you to a listing of a nearby apple orchard. 


  • Pumpkin pancakes at IHOP or make my own using this recipe. 
    *Buy gourds to paint. There is A LOT of information about painting gourds for birdhouses here
    *Watch Charlie Brown It’s the Great Pumpkin. I haven’t found when it is on yet this year.  If anyone knows, please let me know.
  • Watch 2 scary movies a week starting the first week of October. Anyone know of any good new releases? Your favorite horror movie? Done!
  • Make pumpkin poop for friends. See


  • Go to Spooktacular. Check and see if your local zoo has any special events going on for Halloween.
  • Go on a woodland walk.  During this time, collect acorns for crafts.  There are SO many cute crafts to do with acorn caps. BTW, I found this site that tells about the fall foliage state by state.  Done!



pumpkins and leaves up close_thumb[1]

  • Find a fabulous apple pie recipe. I’d love all of your apple pie recipes or favorite fall foods. I might try this one here.  Done.


  • Play Bobbing for Apples as a family
  • Go to a football game.
  • Make a fall themed scrabble necklace.
  • Have pumpkin shake or concrete
  • Find fabulous soup recipes.  Again- would LOVE recommendations.  Done!
  • Taking a thermos or cocoa and cider and drinking it in the middle of the forest.
  • Find a wonderful sweater in fall colors that will make me smile when I drag it out year after year.  Not just a sweater. A special sweater that screams autumn. Done!

Seriously, you guys if Autumn was a drug, I’d be an addict.  I’m basically in love with the season.  When I sense fall is near, I can almost feel in physically! I become so very, very happy.  I want to soak up every second of it.  If you all have more ideas-please send them my way! I’ll love you for it!


Lauranie said...

Love your list!! I wish we had an orchard in Louisiana!! *sigh*, guess I'll just live vicariously through others!! :) Have you checked out Wee Folk Art?? They are AWESOME!! And they have been posting LOTS of yummy recipes for Fall lately. GO NOW!! xo

Super Fun Mama said...

Oh thank you! I enjoyed writing it. I had no idea that there was anywhere that didn't have orchards. I know of at least 3 within a few miles of my house. Wee Folk Art is on my reader. Love them! They do have some I plan on trying. I'm sure there are many fun things to do in Louisiana for fall though. Whenever I think of Louisiana I always think of a mysterious place--I guess because New Orleans, True Blood show, and etc.