Thursday, October 29, 2009

Superheroes and A Clown

My little girl loves superheroes.  She is constantly saying she is a superhero.  She wears blankets as capes around the house, often.

oct09 003 So for Halloween, she is being supergirl! She’s very excited and has played dress up with her costume several times already. 

For our church trunk-or-treat, I threw together a costume in 5 minutes-quite literally 5 minutes before it was to start.  I rummaged through my daughter’s dress-up trunk and found she had some green clown-like hair.  In the hair I added feathers, bows, and put a cat hat she has to top it off.  Then, I took a shiny banner and tied it into a bow.  I have a tie-die dress and safety pinned pom-poms to it.  I added a shirt that clashed with the dress.  Then, I wore a pair of my husband’s shoes.  He wears a size 13, so they looked like clown shoes on me.  Then, I added a bit of makeup.  I was doing it fast and didn’t have time to outline it.  I was trying to look funny but some of the kids seemed scared of me…

oct09 021



Lauranie said...

Very cute!! LOVE the hair!! Have a fun safe Halloween!! xo