Monday, August 25, 2008 lists some great Shichida lessons at Here are how I do some of the lessons with my daughter.

1. Start all lessons by hugging your child
2. Next you are supposed to gather an energy ball and throw it high over their heads, brush away the bad, compress it and eat it. We haven't quite got this down and I welcome any advice on how to teach this to a 2 year old.
3. Breathing training: There are a lot of neat ways to do this and little projects to make but I just have her blow bubbles.
4. Flash Memory: Show your child a series of 5 flashcards.Give them 6 flashcards and ask them to point the odd one out.
5. Build the bage of blocks. Give your child a bag. Ask them to open it and take out the three square blocks inside. Show them two pictures and ask them to place the blocks accordingly to the pictures. (We haven't done this because I don't have any pictures of blocks. Maybe this will be my project for the week?)
6. Language Training:Let him hear a story being told in the past in another language.
Language Training- The Birds:Show pictures of animals and name them in Spanish. Now show the same animals and name them in French.
7.Sing a song/Tell a story: Sing at normal speed .Sing at half the speed (to help them remember)
8. Musical Theatre: Learn The Colours:Sing a song and help your children learn about colours.
9.Simon Says...Show your child flashcards and say, "Simon says..."
Flash a card of the action and then do the action and get your child to follow
Eg of actions are "clap, hop, run, skip...etc
10. Memory- Which picture did we see?:Show a picture for 30 seconds.
Show the child two similar pictures and ask them to pick, which picture did we see.
11. Memory- Where is the ball:Show a picture of three balls in diff positions.
Now give them a picture with three boxes and ask your child to put the balls in the right box.
12: Intuition- Find the ice cream :Use two cards of the same size. One is has a picture of a ice cream and the other one is empty.Tell your child to use their hand to touch and feel the difference..Turn the cards over and ask your child to feel it and the ice cream
Repeat 2-3 times
13.Jigsaw Puzzle:Give your child an 8 piece puzzle with the right answer and ask them to fix it.
14. Linking memory game:The purpose of this game is to help your child improve their memory by linking things up. You can tell a story and link the things up in order. It does not have to be a logical story. Repeat this story and ask your child to place the pictures in this order.
Now turn the cards around so that the back (which is blank) is facing you and ask your child to pick out the hotel or the crab and see if they can remember where it should be.
15. Writing :Prepare a practice sheet for your child. Laminate the practice sheet
Give your child a whiteboard marker (non toxic) and hold their hands to help them write out the numbers on the practice sheet.
One number at a time please.
16. C is for Cat. Draw a picture of a cat and cut 2 lines in the cat so you can slip in a long slip of paper. On the long slip write 6 words that start with C. You can do this with any letters.
17Artwork Homework: Cut and paste.

More to come soon...this is what we'll be working on for the next week.