Thursday, September 18, 2008

Product Review:

Recently, I was given an opportunity to review a product called the “Can Do Activity Book” by the company Fun Felt located at As I scanned page after page of the catalogue, I continued to be as interested by the products presented on page 46 as I was with products that were presented early on in the catalogue. I believe that the genius of this company is that they have a wide variety of products, yet stick within a niche that appeals to their target consumer. When I looked through the catalogue, I realized that there is so much variety offered by Fun Felt that I could find the perfect gift for every child on my Christmas list from ages two to eight! I also believe that the products have potential in areas besides parenting or teaching as well, such as for child psychotherapists (see further down in review for more information).

When I opened the package containing the “Can Do Activity Book” I was immediately overjoyed by all the opportunity presented in this product. There are eight pages in the felt book and each one are filled with such potential and opportunity! The actual pages that make up the book themselves provide fun to toddlers even without the felt pieces as the children are given opportunity to literally explore the world of the book by opening up doors, windows, drawers, and so on. The book has pockets made into it that allow for convenient storage. The real fun (and of course learning) begins when the felt pieces are presented to the child. In the one week I’ve had this product, I’ve had so much fun and discovered numerous applications for the book and I’m quite sure I haven’t discovered all of the true potential it offers for both learning and fun.

My daughter has a favorite activity on every single one of the eight pages.
On one page, there is an opportunity to put a car together like a puzzle that is easy enough for a two year old to complete. On the second page, there is a toy chest with a huge assortment of felt toys. My husband and I have been struggling with getting my daughter to pick up her toys and all efforts have proved to have minimal impact, until this product. Imagine my delight when after “playing pick up” and putting the felt toys inside of a toy chest in the book my daughter actually picked up her room without any prompting! The third page has a telephone and on this page is an opportunity to practice numbers, shapes, and even telephone etiquette. The fourth page has a kitchen and Zhana really likes being able to arrange the room and name the different food products. On the fifth page (my daughter’s favorite) there is a clown with balloons made of several different shapes. This gives an opportunity to work on matching, color naming, and shape naming. The sixth page (my personal favorite) has an elephant with an opportunity to discuss weather and how to dress accordingly. You can change the window to different types of weather and the clothing of the elephant accordingly. The seventh page has a picture of chicks in all different colors and it gives another opportunity to teach colors. Finally, the eighth page is a farm scene with several animals to teach about animal names and sounds. To really see the book, I encourage you to see the video of my daughter playing with it below. (**Update: I have been having difficulty getting the video to upload and have given up after trying for 5 hours for now. I will try to upload again tomorrow.)

We all know how important it is to find products that encourage motor skills and creativity. My two-year-old daughter LOVES to feel the felt and will sit and “pet the doggy” and just have so much fun with it. It is really helping her fine motor skills as you see on the video she matches up the felt cutout pieces to matching pieces on the board. She is able to work on her visual skills by using color recognition and spatial perception. Other possible skills include cause and effect, problem solving, creativity, life skills, and language skills.

One aspect I’ve really enjoyed is watching the beginning of my daughter’s toddler imagination blossom as I hear her create her own stories about the pages of the book. It takes a great product for my high-spirited little girl to sit, focus, and concentrate. I love that she is having fun while learning!

Another reason this company is wonderful is the diversity of product! There are dolls, stories, job charts, educational pieces, math games, nursery rhymes, and the list just keeps going on! I can almost guarantee there is something for every child on her website.

I realize this review is getting rather long, but I am just so excited about the products that there are at least a few that I’d like to mention that have really caught my attention (mind you, I really am holding back as I love every item in the 46 page catalogue). I think the felt dolls with international costumes are a wonderful product to introduce diversity and culture. This would be a great product for a Montessori classroom. I do work as a therapist and am impressed with the Let’s Play House as it is convenient when traveling to different therapy locations, rather than carting around a huge doll house. There are several felt kits that correspond with popular children books, such as “The Perfect Strawberry” or “Goodnight Moon.” She offers several kits that help children learn about Science such as the “Solar System” kit or “Ocean Set.” There are even theology felt kits and holiday kits as well.

I’ve been so blown away by this product that I’ve shown it to several people in my immediate circle and they are all extremely impressed by it. There are numerous opportunities in Fun Felt products for all learning and teaching styles. As someone who is highly involved in child learning both in my career and as a parent, I see a lot of different learning products and toys. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the most exciting companies I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with. Most importantly, I believe it is now my daughter’s favorite item in her room. She will sit and play with it hour after hour. This product and company overall, receives the highest of recommendation and rating. In addition, I wanted to point out that the owner of Fun Felt, Ms.Karen Clark, has some great information on her website including articles, fun activities, handouts, and teaching activities. I highly encourage you to check out her website at


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