Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Wonderful Post At One Crafty Place: Several Felt Food Tutorials

I just wanted to tell you all about a fantastic post at the One Crafty Place blog. She has found and posted all of these wonderful felt food tutorials. I told her that this is my favorite post on any blog this year so far. Isn't this fantastic? Here is the link to the post: (sorry hyperlink isn't working for some reason, so the link isn't clickable).


Elise said...


My two little ones are having a sleep, so I thought I would make myself a cuppa, sit down and relax while catching up on your blog.

Your new blog layout (well, I guess it isn't that new anymore) is fabulous. You have done an awesome job with it.

I have loved reading about all of the learning experiences you are providing for your little girl.

The Kumon workbooks sound fantastic, I will definately be checking those out, as well as the link you provided for the felt food tutorials.

I agree, some of the resources you can buy seem expensive for what they are. Personally, I think home made alternatives often work just fine. Who better to tailor make a resource for your little girl than you?

It's been wonderful to stop by and visit, the perfect way to spend some time just for me.

Thank you for the lovely visit. Now I just have to make sure it's not so long between catch-ups!